Life Skills

What I have learned in life skills


Parts of A check

  1. Name
  2. Check number
  3. Bank name
  4. Routing number
  5. Account number
  6. Date
  7. Payee
  8. The written amount
  9. The legal amount
  10. The memo
  11. The signature

Job Application/Interview

What to and not to do at a job interview


  1. Always be early
  2. Bring all requested paperwork for the interview
  3. Be polite and cordial to everyone you meet

  1. Arrive smelling
  2. Arrive stressed out
  3. Be aggressive

Credit Card

  • 3 things you could buy with a credit card are food, shoes, and cloths.
  • One thing you should not buy with a credit card is a house
  • A credit card does not use the money that is in your bank account
  • One major credit card company is American Express

Future Knowledge

One thing that I have learned this year that I believe will help in in the future is how to use a credit card. It will help be because I will know what to use a credit card to buy and what not to buy with it. Also, how to manage my spending with a credit card for my credit score raising and lowering.

What I Would like to Learn

One thing I would have liked to learn was how to pay bills. This is connected to life skills because paying bills is something that everyone does and people need to learn how to pay them off.

Most Important thing Learned

The most important thing that I have learned while in life skills is what to do at a job interview. A job interview is an important time where you an get a job and earn money to live. I believe that this will either make your future or make you not have a future.
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