VCR Lesson 7

Nate Blohm

The invention of the __________ has allowed for numerous other inventions that have increased productivity and changed the standard of living.
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n. 1. An electric generator.

2. An extremely forceful, energetic, or hardworking person.

It is important to note that both definitions relate to large amounts productivity, just in different forms. For generators, it is physical capital. For people, it is human capital.


  • enterpriser
  • powerhouse
  • driven

Near Antonyms

  • Idler
  • Loafer
  • lingerer
  • loiterer
  • distracted
  • lazy

Exercise 7A-8

Chose best synonym -

a powerful dynamo

a. fanatic

b. succession of rulers

c. genius

d. engine

e. insistent

d. fits the definition referring to a generator of electric power.