Are you Prepared?

to preparation of a baby and to become a parent

Skills needed for parenting and how to develop them

They are many kind of parnting skills and how to develop them like Financial awareness,communicating skills,Patience,Discipline and Ability to Multitask.

Financial awareness - When the couple became parent they have lot of financial problem.Baby needs like toys, baby food etc.When they grow up adult age they need to go to university or college.

Communicating Skills-Parents are the first person on earth to teach baby the right thing and how to become a good person.

Patience-Some children are Patience less.Parent need to understand what baby need.

Discipline-When a child constantly cry parent should be patience and understant the baby what she need.

Ability to Multitask - Parents are like a teachers to teach you inner and outer world and also teaches you to become a good leader.

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Factors that influence parenting

Most parents are influence by the outer world such as economic, parental roles and law .Due to these parents can easily forced on their child which make their life even better living place.
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The wrong reasons for having a child

Their are 5 wrong reasons to having a child

1.They want to prove adulthood

2.Emotinal benefits

3.Respect and status

4.To prove a good relationship with spouse

5.Society expects

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Signs of readiness for becoming a parent

Their are 4 signs of readiness for being a parent

1.Having responsibility

2.Good relationship with spouse

3.Things that baby needed

4.Financial in balance place

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