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We heard the last sermon this weekend for Seismic Sermon Series. It was a wonderful series about Saul/Paul's life and his love for Jesus. We met at Alison's house last night. Thank you Alison for opening up your house to us. Mike prepared the study last night based off last weeks sermon preached by Greg Holmes. We had a great discussion about building bridges to those who are not like us or in our circles. That we need to See, Feel & Act, and while acting we need to be Respectful, Compassionate & have Courage. We missed Kirstin, Kristen, Juan & Wendy!!

Next week will begin the White Elephant Series. The church is asking for everyone to bring a wrapped "white elephant" gift to church. You will drop off your gift when you get to church and will pick up a gift on your way out.

Prayer Concerns

Alison: Prayer to be strong and avoid temptation.

Paul: Prayer for his brother Francis and wife Chella as they struggle with infertility.

Prayer for his job promotion and the stress of needing to learn new math

algorithms in new aspect of design.

Katie: Prayer for her sister, Amber, that she may come to have a relationship with God.

Prayer for her pregnancy. She finds it harder this time, and is more tired.

Marcell: Prayer that the entire 5th grade class survive and return from Sky Ranch this

week and she heads off for 5th grade camp.

Jason: Prayer for compassion towards others, and discipline with making time for

studying and preparing for insurance exams.

Bobbette: Prayer for her mouth which is sore from braces. The back brackets stick out

much further than the rest literally cutting into her gums/cheeks. She is barely

able to move her mouth in order to eat or speak.

Jen: Prayer for discipline towards life style change towards diet and exercise.

Susan: Prayer for a job with more hours, but she is not qualified for most jobs. She is

looking for a job with benefits.

Prayer for her relationship with Isaac who is home schooling and finding her

balance for parenting him.

Mike: Prayer for compassion and peace for his past. He has been questioning whether he is the same person who hurt others or has he changed through redemption.

Kirstin: Prayer for healing from a cough and congestion that is not finished running its


Kristin: Prayer for healing from strep throat and has no sick time left.

Prayer for David (boyfriend) who has a hernia the size of a fist sticking out, and is

trying to get surgery scheduled through Parkland. He is looking at it possibly

taking 2-4 weeks before the surgery can take place.

Progressive Dinner by Dart

Saturday, Nov. 9th, 4:45-11pm

Downtown Plano Station, Plano, TX

We will meet at Urban Crust's 32 degree Frozen Rooftop Bar at 4:30 for cocktails.

Or at the Train Platform on 15th Street DART Station for the train departing at 5:11.

Arrive at Park Lane Station at 5:31 for appetizers at Gordon Biersch.

Leave Park Lane Station at 7:31 for Mockingbird Station.

Arrive at Mockingbird Station at 7:37 for dinner at Rockfish.

Leave Mockingbird Station at 9:25.

Arrive at 15th St Downtown Station at 9:50 for dessert at Angela's.

Wear comfortable shoes and clothing necessary for the weather. We have tried to find locations as close to the Stations as possible but there will be 5-10 minute walks to and from the Stations.

Feel free to drive to any location for part of the evening or join us for the entire trip.

Please RSVP for a final count by Wednesday! We have made reservations for 14 people but I want to confirm our reservation with the accurate number! Feel free to bring a date!!

Life Group Family Thanksgiving Dinner at Kristin's House

Saturday, Nov. 16th, 2-4pm

2608 Lemmontree Ln

Plano, TX

Expect the online sign up sheet next weekend after Marcell returns with all of her students from camp.

Please sign up for more than 1 item. We will have approximately 14 adults and 17 children to feed!

Thanksgiving Dinner at Jason and Jen's House

Thursday, Nov. 28th, 2pm

2704 Raintree Dr

Plano, TX

We are opening our house for Life Group and Friends that will be in town without family on Thanksgiving Day. Please let us know if you are planning on joining us for dinner.

LIfe Group Christmas Party at Marcell's house

Saturday, Dec. 7th, 5:30-8:30pm

6313 Sidney Ln

McKinney, TX

We will celebrate the close of our first year as a Life Group.