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John Ferneley College: January 2014

CPD Calendar: Spring Term 2014

Monday 27th January 2014

3.50-4.50: "Teaching Trios" review and feedback from observations (further information to follow!)

5-6.15pm: Speed Sharing CPD- An opportunity to share good practice with other staff in just two minutes. Back by popular demand. Just turn up with classroom ideas to aid progress and let the sharing begin!

Monday 24th February 2014


Differentiation and Challenge

You are guaranteed to leave this session with at least ten strategies to raise challenge and differentiate in your classroom!

If anyone would like to assist in delivery of this session, please see LU!

Monday 17th March 2014


JFC Teachmeet

An opportunity for staff to choose between six different workshops to enhance classroom practice and raise student achievement.

Monday 7th April 2014


"Teaching Trios" evaluation session and review

Meet with your trio, review the project and look at actions for the future.

CPD: Extra

For those of you who wish to add even more to your CPD portfolio and improve practice, there will be a number of voluntary sessions running this term. N.B. These will replace the "additional training" dates set at the beginning of the year!

Thursday 30th January 3.50-4.30pm:


Lead: Phil Kruse

Venue: PSHCE room

Wednesday 19th March 3.50-4.30pm:

PLANNING A TRIP (risk assessments, itineraries and more!)

Lead: Tracy Feekins

Venue: Restaurant

Wednesday 2nd April 3.50-4.30pm:


Lead: Lara Umbleja

Venue: Restaurant

Performance Management Update

All observations have now been completed from the Autumn term and I am pleased to tell you that the percentage of lessons graded "good" or better the best we have ever seen at John Ferneley College! The actual percentage for each grade are:

Outstanding: 47%

Good: 45%

Requires Improvement: 8%

Inadequate: 0%

Wow! Our target at the beginning of the year was 90% of lessons to be "good" or better (actual- 92%) and the target for percentage of outstanding lessons was 40% (actual 47%) which is excellent.

20% of all observations from this round were quality assured by a member of SLT, who have all carried out joint observations will Heather Leatt at the start of September. By the end of this year, every observer will be involved in a joint observation with a member of SLT. This not only gives staff security in the judgements, but also an opportunity for sharing good practice amongst observers.

Important Performance Management dates to note:

  • Evidence gathering: Monday 25th November- Friday 28th February

  • Mid-way evaluation meetings: Monday 3rd March- Friday 14th March

Finally, please could you take three minutes to complete the survey below on the Performance Managemet system for last term. Thank you!


Literacy Blitz!

Thank you for all of your hard work with the Literacy Blitz so far this year. Students are loving the Literacy Blitz work you are delivering in tutor time and the library has never been so popular!

So far this term there have been lots of activities happening in and out of lessons to promote literacy, including:

Literacy Blitz: Tutor time focus on one particular area to improve literacy across college.

Grim reader: Visiting tutor times and awarding prizes to students with a reading book in their bag. See picture!

Writing frames: Teachers are currently implementing writing frames in all subjects across college.

Key word spellings: All students take part in spelling tests of key words for every unit of work.

Library themes: A calendar of themes are currently running throughout the year in the library to promote using the library.

Paired reading scheme: There are currently 22 Year 10 students paired with Year 7 students to assist with increasing their reading ages.

Kindles: Currently being trialled in History and Business Studies to promote non-fiction reading.

Subject calendar in the Library: Each subject now has a set week where they will have a display and opportunity to take students to the library to promote reading around the subject.

A big thank you to Mel Kettle, Lisa Fortescue- Poole and Lucy Neath for all of their hard work in our quest to promote literacy across college!

CPPR at John Ferneley College

CPPR (concise, precise, prompt and repeat) is booming across college! Following the Inset day last Monday, the buzz about the "Humble Exercise Books" and use of CPPR has never been better!

We asked 85 students what they thought of the project and here are some of the results:

  • 90% of students have seen an improvement in their presentation
  • 89% of students felt their progress in each subject had improved as a result of the CPPR initiative
  • English, Maths, Science, Business Studies and MFL all take the crown from this survey for the subjects where students felt they had the opportunity to repeat and improve work the most!

Thank you so much for all of your hard work so far with CPPR- it is looking outstanding!

iPads are coming....

A team of six staff are currently trialling iPads to be launched for student use this term. Watch this space for more information soon!

Top Tutor Time Resource

Above is a resource Emma Guarsci has been using with her tutor group to record the books they are reading. Emma has also been writing reports on their reading books with 9EG too!Thank you Emma! This will be emailed out to staff so they can adapt it for their tutor group.