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Director Update @ Black Horse Pike Regional School District

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Parents/Guardians - Hello and welcome to Apex Learning! You have been designated as a coach for a student who is using Apex Learning Comprehensive Courses in one or more of their classes. As a coach, you will receive weekly emails on Sundays that give you an overview of how your student is doing in their Apex Learning courses. Use this information to keep an eye on your student's performance and as a conversation starter if they appear to be struggling.

Here are a few pointers for understanding the Weekly Progress email.

  • Stoplight: Is my student falling behind in their work? This color represents the On Schedule Percent, the number of graded activities a student has completed due through today divided by the total number of activities due through today.
  • Green: 80% or more
  • Yellow: 60% to 79%
  • Red: 59% or less
  • Quality of Work: Is my student on track to pass the course? This is the points the student has earned on completed activities divided by the points possible for completed activities.
  • Grade to Date: What is my student’s grade right now? This is the points the student has earned on activities due divided by the points possible on activities due.
  • Detail Report: Select the Detail Report link next to the student's name for detailed information about how your student is spending their time in their course.

Most importantly, we look to see that a student is not "idle", but working diligently on study lessons (instruction) or assessments.

Please do not focus on the "grade to date" in APEX. The platform grades the student based on each and every attempt of an assessment. Our philosophy is different. Because students are learning in a self-directed instructional format with assistance, we are not as concerned with how many times it takes, but rather that the student worked on the content until they achieved a minimum passing score of 65. The platform gives your child three attempts on their own, and we can reset the assessments as needed or based on any specific IEP expectations for reassessments beyond 3 atempts.

Our staff carry the passing quiz and test grades over to Genesis. We also give the student classwork grades for independent work such as check-ups, study guide completion, practice problem sets, reads, and vocabulary. Please focus on Genesis for any grades. The purpose of giving you access as a coach is to see the more relevant details as to how your child is working through their content.


Cousenling has begun! Students attending in-person are all included in group counseling on a variety of topics including mindfulness, brain science, social skills, coping strategies, managing triggers, etc. These sessions run from 1:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

On your child's bell schedule which will be sent to your email, you will see that we have scheduled individual counseling slots on a specific day and bell period for all students, regardess of in-person or on remote learning. For those students who require counseling through and IEP expectation, this is mandatory. For other students, the slot is optional. We want every student to take advantage of the available assistance as and when needed.

Also on your child's individual weekly bell schedule, you will see that we have scheduled a weekly academic counseling slot during a different bell period. Teachers will use this time to conference with your child and review their progress in each of their courses, help them prioritize, and assist them with planning to address upcoming due dates for assignments on their calendar. If a student is working on pace and on schedule in a given course, they can use that given time slot to get caught up in another course. These skills will serve them well in managing their own personal schedules and prioritizing their own responsilibilities in their adult lives.

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One may be wondering what homework looks like in an alternative education program. The answer is a simple one. Within the APEX platform, all assignments are cascaded by marking period, semester, or full year based on the type of designation of the course. All assignments, quizzes, and assessments are automatically assigned due date and appear on your child's calendar which can be accessed from their dashboard (home screen) on the platform.

Any course that has overdue assignments will indicate such in red on their dashboard (see picture below). It is the student's responsbility to stay on pace within their course and/or self-advocate for assistance in prioritizing during individual academic counseling sessions. As the alternative education program is a shortened day (4 hours vs. 7.5 hours), students should be utilizing additional time at home to make up those assignments.

If a student does not have access to the Internet from home, we do have Kajeets available to assist. If a parent/guardian has any concerns regarding their student's access to content from home, please do not hesitate to reach out the any of our staff. They are here to help. Our teachers will be reviewing the homework component of our program with students during the week of October 19, 2020.

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If your student is to be absent, please be sure to call the program at (856) 227-4105 so that we can accurately reflect when you are verifying absences.

We do require physician's certifications for any illnesses or doctor's visits so that we can reflect excused absences appropriately. Additionally, a physician's certification indicating the student is free of contagion and is free to return to school is required for any student who is out 5 or more consecutive days for illness.

Key elements to note regarding the District's Attendance Policy & Regulation 5200 include:

  • The limit for Excused days is 10
  • The limit for Unexcused days is 10
  • No credit status is enforced for 21 or more total absences
  • Such good cause as may be acceptable to the Director for other excused absences must include reasonable written notification from a parent/guardian regarding the student's absence from school. Verbal notification will not be accepted for consideration of absence under the terms of the attendance policy.

Thank you for your communication if you are doing this already. If there are unique questions, please reach out to the Director to address your unique concerns.