2018 Intermediate Nutmeg Books

Books Targeted for Grades 4-6

Here are this year's Nutmeg Nominees along with some trailers and information to help you choose one to read!!

Book Scavenger

by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman

"Book Scavenger" is an online game which has gone viral. Solving puzzle clues to find books hidden all over the world is the name of the game. When Emily moves to San Francisco, she discovers that the game's creator has been attacked and his new game is missing! Can she and her new friend James figure out what happened before the attackers find them?

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Fish in a Tree

by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Ally was a class jokester to hide the fact that she had trouble reading. When Ally's teacher goes on maternity leave, the substitute sees through her act and is determined to help her learn differently. As her reading skills improve and Ally's confidence grows, can the class clown become the class president?

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Gabriel Finley and the Raven's Riddle

by George Hagen

When Gabriel rescues a baby raven, he discovers people in his family can bond with ravens in fantastic ways. He goes on a quest with three brave friends and his raven to try to rescue his missing father, solving riddles and avoiding flocks of vicious birds along the way.

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Kinda Like Brothers

by Coe Booth

Jarrett's plans for an amazing summer come crashing down when he realizes he not only has to go to summer school, but his mom is fostering a new baby... and the baby comes with an older brother. Now Jarrett has to share his friends, his room, and his life with a complete stranger, Kevon. The two cannot get along: Kevon acts like he's better than Jarrett, and has been keeping some major secrets. Jarrett's got to do something about it, but what?

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by Josh Lieb

After being bitten by an elderly rat, Joey finds himself transformed from a 7th grade boy into a rat. After drawing the "spork from the scone," Joey goes on a quest into Central Park to find Squirrelin the Squagician, battling crows, rats and more with Ratscalibur, his sword, in order to save his new rat friends in this rodent retelling of the classic King Arthur story.

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The Tapper Twins go to War (with Each Other)

by Jeff Rodkey

It all started with a rumor (someone farted in the cafeteria) and twins Claudia and Reese were at war. Through text messages, interviews, photos, and screenshots, the series of events in the battle are retold. The pranks are all fun and games until they have to deal with the consequences of their actions.

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Took, a Ghost Story

by Mary Downing Hahn

Daniel is the new kid in a small town in West Virginia and isn't fooled by Brody trying to scare him with creepy ghost stories. When Daniel's little sister starts acting strange and distant, eventually disappearing into the woods, Daniel knows something is terribly wrong. Could the ghost stories be true? Has Erica been "took"?

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Under the Egg

by Laura Marx Fitzgerald

Theodora Tenpenny's beloved Grandpa Jack has died and left her with a broken heart and a house full of responsibilities. Grandpa Jack's last words, telling Theo to look "under the egg," lead her and her quirky new allies on a chase from clue to clue across New York City.

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The War That Saved My Life

by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

Born with a twisted foot, Ada has never been allowed to leave her small London apartment. As the threat of bombs looms over London during World War II, Ada and her little brother Jamie escape to the countryside. Ada's world opens up as she gains confidence and learns to trust those around her... but is trust enough to keep her family safe?

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A Whole New Ballgame

by Phil Bildner

5th grade is exciting and unpredictable for best friends Rip and Red. Their new teacher, Mr. Acevedo, prefers eccentric out-of-the-box assignments that prove to be the opposite of boring test prep. When Mr. Acevedo turns out to be their new basketball coach, too, the boys realize they're along for a wild ride.

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