King Arthur

By: Ashlyn Austin & Racheal Riley

King Arthurs birth parents were King Uther and Igraine. When Arthur was born it was in a dangerous time. Attacks were happening by the Saxons alot. So king Uther had to give Arthur away to his wizard, Merlin, for safety. Merlin sent Arthur away to be raised in the countryside by Sir Ector. He grew up there and never knew his birth parents. When king urther died no one knew he had a son so alot of people were argueing about taking his spot as king. So a stone magically appeared in the churchyard of ST. Pauls Cathedral in london. There was a message on it saying whoever pulls the sword from the stone was the rightful high king of britain. Many people tried but couldnt get the sword out. So it happened that athur went down there with his foster family to go to a sword tournament. Well Arthur forgot his sword and saw the one sticking out of the stone he slowly pulled out the sword.