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April 2022

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A Message from Principal Johnson

Greetings SMS Family,

Wishing everyone a wonderful and safe Spring Break!!! The break will be much needed for students and staff members. When we come back, students will have a short time to prepare for GA Milestones Testing. Make sure to review the promotion criteria for each grade level to ensure your child is making progress.

As always if you need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at the school!!

Congratulations to Wengal Abera for Winning the Impressive STEM Award by the Brace Family Foundation

Parent Perception Survey

Parents, have you completed the Parent Perception Survey! Please take a minute and complete the survey. We value your opinion!


From the Exceptional Students Corner

The Virtual Transition Fair 2022 for students with disabilities, their families, and educators is now available. Attendees will have the opportunity to watch virtual presentations from local agency representatives regarding various options available for school-aged students as well as transitional services to post-school activities and employment. Presentations and resources will be available virtually, in the following categories: Day Programs, Community Living Supports, Recreation & Leisure, and Vocational & Career Services. Link: 2022 Transition Fair Flyers


Parents of Special Needs Students, please complete the Special Needs Parent Survey. https://survey.gadoe.org/SPEDParentSurvey

From the Counselor's Corner

This month’s Counseling theme is “Less Stressing = Better Testing.” As this school year winds down, students will be taking various tests, including the Milestones. Talk of testing may cause anxiety and stress in some students. So, how can you recognize if your child is experiencing anxiety and what can you do about it? Symptoms of anxiety may include irritability, chronic complaints about stomachaches or headaches, trouble sleeping, and avoidance of difficult or new situations. If you suspect your child is experiencing anxiety, ask them what’s making them feel anxious; validate their feelings but don’t empower them. Practice deep breathing. One example of a breathing exercise is Smell the flowers, Blow out the candles, in other words, breathe in through your nose, and breathe out your mouth. For more tips on helping your child cope with anxiety, please visit Child Mind Institute.

SMS Rincón de los consejeros

El tema de Consejería de este mes es "Menos estrés = mejores pruebas". A medida que finaliza este año escolar, los estudiantes tomarán varios exámenes, incluidos los Milestones. Hablar de exámenes puede causar ansiedad y estrés en algunos estudiantes. Entonces, ¿cómo puede reconocer si su hijo está experimentando ansiedad y qué puede hacer al respecto? Los síntomas de ansiedad pueden incluir irritabilidad, quejas crónicas de dolores de estómago o de cabeza, dificultad para dormir y evitación de situaciones nuevas o difíciles. Si sospecha que su hijo está experimentando ansiedad, pregúntele qué lo hace sentir ansioso; valide sus sentimientos pero no los empodere. Practica la respiración profunda. Un ejemplo de ejercicio de respiración es Oler las flores, Apaga las velas, es decir, inhala por la nariz y exhala por la boca. Para obtener más consejos sobre cómo ayudar a su hijo a sobrellevar la ansiedad, visite Child Mind Institute.

Parenting Tips For April

Ask Questions to Help Your Teen Handle Stress

The pressures of schoolwork, activities, social life and college preparations can be stressful for many teens. But since few adults live without stress, the teen years are a good time for kids to learn to manage it and avoid being overwhelmed.

Students can handle stress as long as they have balance in their lives. Schoolwork must come first. But teens also need outlets for fun, and a little time just to goof off.

If your teen feels stressed and overwhelmed by obligations, ask three questions:

  1. "Are your expectations of yourself and others realistic?"
  2. "Are you doing the things that are important to you?"
  3. "Do you learn from your mistakes?"

If your teen's answer to any of the above is "no," use that as a starting point. Work together to change the no to a yes. It's a good way help your teen learn to bring life into balance.

From the Parent Center - What's happening in April!

Parents, do you know what your child is viewing on Social Media. Do you understand Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media platforms students use? On April 19th at 6PM in the Cafeteria, we will have a meeting about Social Media Trends and Today's Teens. Please try to come.

Are your children ready for GA Milestones? Would you like to give them practice work at home during Spring break? Click on the links below. Don't forget Dr. Harris has packets in the Parent Center.

Study Guides for GA Milestones


Online Practice for GA Milestones


(Handouts from your child’s teacher and Dr. Harris)

Online practice of Reading and math Skills



SMS Tapestry Art Display at the ISC

Congratulations to our JLC Drill Team at the Gwinnett County Drill Meet at Grace Snell Middle School!

Congratulations to our Journalism Students!

Congratulations to Valeria Ramos-Lira for winning "Festival Favorite" at the Gwinnett Student Media Showcase for her video, "Stay Hydrated." Her video will be submitted for State Competition!

Congratulations also to Rihanna Coger and Alyssa Calzada for their video, "Health Facts" which will also be submitted for State Competition!

Community Supporter Spotlights

Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity

Thank you Kappa Lambda Chi Military fraternity for supporting our JLC students this year. You volunteered your time to judge all of our drill meets. For that reason, we say, "Thank You!"

Campus Life

Thank you Campus Life for providing recreation and inspiration to our students every Tuesday at 8AM. Our students know that they can count on you to be there to mentor them or just have fun with them to ensure they have a great day. Thank you for all you do!
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