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October 15, 2018

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Woo hoo!

We made it one quarter through the year! Lesson plans are coming in and your efforts at planning engaging learning opportunities and differentiating instruction are evident. Thank you for your hard work this quarter.

Our students are making wonderful progress as a result of your efforts. Our student who spent part of the day in the Learning Lab last year is now leading their reading group in the general ed classroom with their peers.

Thank you for your continued support of our school, especially those of you who participated and contributed to Fall Festival. The JH haunted hall was a success and always seemed to have a line. The Rootbier garden was well attended. Special appreciation goes out to those brave souls who sat in the dunk tank - Kat, Sarah, and Clarissa - I hope you took the weekend to rest and warm-up.

I was thoroughly impressed with the student wares at the Jr Artisan Fair and even purchased my new favorite knit hat.

Be sure to recognize and thank MAPA and the parents who set-up, ran, and cleaned up after the Fall Festival. They did an amazing job and we are lucky to have such a supportive community.

We have three long days this week with Parent-Teacher Conferences and then a well-deserved fall break. Please enjoy your fall break and fill your buckets. I am honored to work with such a tremendous group of individuals who care deeply and teach in a way that honors children.

Staffing Update

Alex is no longer employed with MMA. We appreciate his contribution to the school and wish him the best moving forward
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Counselor Referrals

Andrea has seen over 40 students thus far this school year. There are currently 20 student referrals for which she has to address. Her long docket of student referrals is set and then sometimes emergencies interrupt her going through that docket. If a student you referred has a change in their situation making their referral more urgent than originally stated on their paper - please email Andrea an update so she can adjust her docket accordingly.

If you have submitted a student counseling referral, have not heard from Andrea within two weeks, and desire and update - please email Ms. Andrea a brief summary and ask for an update.

As always, if a child is self-harming, discussing self-harm (including suicide), or you suspect that the child is not safe at home or anywhere outside of school - contact Andrea immediately by calling her office or coming to the office and asking the office staff to contact Andrea. If Andrea is not available, you must immediately report this to Lana or René in-person about the situation.

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Cultural Festival

It has been brought to our attention that the previously stated time for the November 15th Cultural Festival of 2-4pm will be complicated with dismissal happening in the middle. We are seeking input from staff members regarding preferences for when families will be invited into school to tour the projects.

The times under consideration is from 1-3pm or 3:15-5pm on November 15th. If the after school option is chosen, staff will be excused and not have to meet in PLCs that week. Please complete the Cultural Festival Time Survey before Thursday, October 18th to voice your opinion. The final visit time will be in next week's N&B.

Progress Reports

Progress reports should be sent home with families at their conferences. Please send Lana a copy of all progress reports by Friday, October 19th.

Time Off Requests

Please submit time off requests to Lana’s box. Lana will email you when it has been reviewed. Please remember to allow 48 hours for approval. Special education staff should get Dana's initials on their time off request before submitting them to Lana. If you believe that your time off should be PD and not take from your PTO, please note that on the request form and submit the accompanying PD Request form.

Professional Development Forms

Below you will find forms to fill out if you would like MMA to pay for your professional learning. The scholarship form should be completed when you are requesting funds to attend a conference, for example. The tuition reimbursement policy is attached and the form you fill out is after the policy. Please note that both forms require them to be submitted and approved before the professional development happens.

There is an additional form - the PD Request form, that should be submitted anytime you desire time off to attend PD outside of MMA. I will put that form in the next N&B as I do not have access to it at home at this moment.

G&C Reminders

Even though we are concluding the normalization period, Grace and Courtesy need to be reviewed frequently. This week it has been noticed that the halls are beginning to fill with children's leftovers, like pencils, papers, socks, and shoes. Students are also getting noisier in the halls and common areas, especially during transitions. If any staff members observe students in need of a G&C reminder, please- redirect and ask students to do it again. We are a community and need to practice together. Students needs to feel as though all adults in our community are going to uphold these norms.

PE Equipment

Please respect the storage room located off of the large gym. This is Julia and Casey's space. Going through this space is equivalent to having a person go into your office and move materials around or borrow materials without your permission. Please follow the signs and do not allow students to enter this space. If you have any questions about this space or equipment, please see Julia or Casey.

FSA Open Enrollment

The open enrollment period for Flexible Spending Accounts for 2019 will be from November 1st, 2018 through November 21st, 2018. This process will need to be completed online through Helpside’s employee portal. If any of you need help with their username or password, please contact via email or 801-444-9378.

As a friendly reminder, FSA elections do not roll over from year to year. Full-time employees are eligible for a FSA.

Attached below is a list of sample expenses. This list is not all inclusive, but is a general guideline on items that are asked about frequently.

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Submitting Yearbook Photos


You can upload photos for this year’s yearbook using this link:

*You must be logged into your MMA Google account in order to access the link.

Once you log into this Google drive folder, it will appear under your “shared with me” tab for all future log-ins.

Please, make sure you TITLE the folder of your photos with the event name, classroom, or whatever important info you think should be included.(Individual photos do not need to be labeled if they are placed into an appropriate folder.) Feel free to upload everything and anything, and we will do the editing.

Thank you and let me know if you have any questions or ideas about this year’s yearbook!

Andria Yost & the Yearbook Staff

Political Activities of Public Entities

Check out this letter from Lt. Governor Cox, Attorney General Reyes, and Auditor Dougall regarding political activities of public entities.
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Pizza Friday Update

Pizza money collection day has CHANGED to Tuesdays!

Thank you for supporting our school efforts with fundraising and Pizza Fridays. Money will be collected on Tuesdays, rather than Wednesdays, and will be collected in the office only. Please follow the schedule and have your students bring their order and money to the office at your designated time- this will help with congestion of students, money, and receipts. THANK YOU for your flexibility.



Jalee / Krista


Mikaela / Jill


Holly / Brittany


Christina / Kaley


Karen / Amy


Laura / John


Shanan / Amity


Kirsten / Kotie


Advisory- Andria


Advisory- Casey


Advisory- Michelle


Advisory- Adrian


Advisory- Lisa


Advisory- Leigh


Advisory- Amanda


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