Mrs. Platz's Class Newsletter

January 15th, 2016

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Looking Ahead

  • 1/18 Mon. MLK Holiday - No School
  • 1/19 Homework Due/New Packet coming home today.
  • 1/21 PTA Skate Party @ River Roll 6-8pm

Next Week

Monday - No School

Tuesday - A- PE

Wednesday - B - Library

Thursday - C - Music

Friday - D - PE

Your First Grader Has Been Working On...

  • using the front and back covers of a book to preview and predict.
  • using illustrations in a book for understanding the story.
  • learning about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • making action steps for our data wall goals.
  • benchmark assessments.
  • writing words with the suffix -es and knowing when to add -es to a word.
  • knowing when to use the article "an" in a sentence. See if your student can tell you if you would use "a" or "an" when talking about an apple, ice cream cone, or astronaut.
  • counting tens and ones to find a two-digit number.
  • using drawings to solve problems with tens and ones.
  • using tens and ones to make numbers in different ways.
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Ask your first grader about the story Martin's Big Words. We have spent the week learning about this famous American and the things he helped change in our country. Students have a retelling card that they can bring back if they have a chance to tell someone about this book.

Can your first grader answer these questions?

  • Who was Dr. King and why was he an important part of our American history?
  • Did Dr. King use any of the 7 Habits? Which ones?
  • What lessons could we learn today from Dr. King?
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Spelling Words

Next week's spelling words are:

ask, asked, plan, planned, help, helped, jog, jogged, call, called, again, soon, want, into, just

You can practice these words at

Homework packets are coming home on Tuesday. They will be due the following Monday, January 25th (Typo on the assignment sheet - says Tuesday instead of Monday). The packets may be turned in earlier if needed. All students completing work, earn pirate coins and Dojo points for their table! Please continue to have your student write down books on your their 100+ book log.

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A note is coming home today about our upcoming field trip! Please see note for details. If you are interested in being a parent volunteer, please let me know. If more than 4 parents are interested, names will be drawn for the available spots. The cost is $3.25 for parent volunteers. It will be a busy and fun day that I know our students will enjoy! We need permission slips from all students who plan to attend by this Friday, January 22nd.

Mrs. Platz

Have a great weekend!