Pinterest "Pin-spiration" Event!

Join us Saturday, November 24th 10-3pm for our 1st ever...

We love, love, love those ideas on much so that we decided to host a a Pin-spiration event!

We have 3 really cool projects based on a few ideas we loved on Pinterest and we want to show you just how easy you can create a pin-spiration project!

Stop by from 10-3 on Saturday, November 24th!

We will feature 3 Pin-spiration holiday designs we admired on Pinterest! HOW TO: Choose your Pin-spiration design! Choose your piece...POTTERY OR CANVAS! Choose your colors! We will have everything you need to complete your Pin-spiration Project! We hope you love these ideas as much as we do...but Pin-spiration is all you (with a little help from us if you need it!)! Take these ideas and let them inspire your "inner artist" know she's in there!

Pin-spiration ideas!

Gifts of ART from the heart!

Want to register ahead of time? Contact us below!