First Grade News!

Gingerbread House Day!

Thank you very much for all the supplies we have already received! Please have all gingerbread house building supplies to school by next Tuesday.

Mrs. Yungerberg's and Mrs. Hoffmann's classes will be making theirs on Friday, Dec. 21, Ms. Hayes' class will make theirs on Thursday, Dec. 20. Both days we will start at 1:15 and go to around 2:15. Parents, grandparents or other helpers are welcome to come.

What Have We Been Working On?

Reading Skills:

Identify the sequence of events in a text. Use signal words like first, next, then and last.

Identify important pieces of information in a text.

Identify story elements: Character, setting, problem and solution.

Math Skills:

Read and write numbers to 120

Compare and order numbers

Find numbers that are 10 more or 10 less

Identify the place value in numbers

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Big picture

Please Collect Pringles Cans!

Later this year, first graders will start their own number scrolls. Scrolls are kept in Pringles cans in the student's desks. Please send in any Pringles cans that you have to your child's teacher.

Reading Bookmarks

Make sure you are reading and recording your minutes each night on your student's bookmark. Students will get to earn different prizes when the bookmarks are brought back each month.

What Specials Does my Child Have on Each Day?

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