Chief Justice John Marshall

By: Isaiah Washington and Layton Warner

John Marshall's Cases

Some of the cases John Marshall were in are,

1.) Marbury vs. Madison - (1803)

2.) Fletcher vs. Peck - (1810)

3.) Martin vs. Hunter's Lesse - (1816)

4.) Cohen's vs. Virginia - (1821)

5.) Dartmouth College vs. Woodward - (1819)

6.) McCulloch vs. Maryland - (1819)

Backround of the Cases

Information on the Cases

1.) Marbury vs. Madison - (1803) established the judicial review. The case resulted from a petition to the Supreme Court by Marbury, who had been appointed by President Adams as Justice of peace in the District of Columbia but whose commission was not subsequently delivered

2.) Fletcher vs. Peck - (1810) is a landmark United States Court decision. The first case in which the Supreme Court ruled a state law unconstitutional, the decision also helped create a growing precedent for the sanctity of legal contracts.

3.) Martin vs. Hunter's Lesse - (1816) was the first case to assert ultimate Supreme Court authority over state courts in civil matters of federal law.

4.) Cohen's vs. Virginia - (1821) was a Supreme Court decision most noted for John Marshall and the Court's assertion of its power to review state supreme court decisions in criminal law matters when they claim their Constitutional rights have been violated.

5.) Dartmouth College vs. Woodward - (1819)The case arose when the president of Dartmouth College was deposed by its People, leading to the New Hampshire legislature attempting to force the college to become a public institution and thereby place the ability to appoint trustees in the hands of the governor.

6.) McCulloch vs. Maryland - (1819) The state of Maryland had attempted to impede operation of a branch of the bank of America by imposing a tax on all notes of banks not chartered in Maryland.