Self injury/Violence

How self injury and violence can affect you

What is self injury and violence

Self injury or self harms includes many deferent ways self mutation such as cutting.

Violence can be seen in many ways. It could be yelling in a home or even bullying.

Self harm and violence can affect all 3 parts of our health

Physical Health

  • Self mutation (cutting ones self to cope with emotions)
  • Driving while intoxicated (getting into a crash can cause damage to physical health)
  • Bullying (For example getting punched or kicked)
Mental Health

  • Environment where a child grows up is very important. That is because if that environment is violent that child might grow up had have this violent nature in bedded within them.
  • After math of drunk driving. If a innocent person is harmed or killed in a drunk driving incident it can take a toll on the persons mental heath due to them knowing they could have saved that persons life.
  • Bullying can also take a mental toll as constant bullying can bring on many new mental problems up. Such as self mutilation
Social Health

  • Cyber bullying plays a lead role to bring down ones social health. As almost most cyber bullying incidents involve posting embarrassing pictures or comments which many people can see and sometimes will judge you can make fun of you.

What can you change to lower all the risks mentioned above

Self mutilation

- Don't associate with negative minded people

- If you are in need of support reach out and get some.

Alcohol and Drug Use

-Make legal and safe choices

- Respond to all situations carefully and thoughtfully


-Be careful who you trust and interact with

- Allow adults to help you and listen to their advice.

Cyber bullying

-Do not reveal private information to just anyone

-Try not to expose yourself to the dangers and violence in the world through technology and media.

Household and Public Violence

- Don't let arguments and violence of others influence you to join the argument and become violent as well

- Stay out of other people's business, especially if it will impact you and your life