Year 2 Newsletter

Friday 23rd January 2015

What have we done this week?

  • Literacy: We have been reading our new story The Firebird. We have focused on description this week and looked at how we can use adjectives and verbs to describe settings and characters from within the story.
  • Maths: Some of us have been learning about division this week, first by sharing objects and then moving on to dividing on a number line. Others of us have been working on multiplication as repeated addition and arrays.
  • Topic: This week we have inquired and asked questions about life in the past, to discover how castles were built in order to defend them well from attacks. We also designed wall hangings for our very own tapestries. Watch this space!

Next Week

  • Continue work on The Firebird working on retelling the story orally.
  • In Maths, we will continue looking at multiplication and division. Ms Bintcliffe's group will be continuing their work on multiplication. Miss Macdonald's group will be focusing on division word problems with remainders.
  • In topic next week we will begin weaving our wall hangings.


Reading at home 3+ times a week. Spelling Zappers daily please where possible.

Mathletics/RM Maths practice at home. If your child needs their username and password again, please send them to Miss Macdonald or Ms Bintcliffe.

Water bottles to be cleaned and taken home on Friday.

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