Wolverine Weekly

Parent Edition: 3-21-2021 - 3-27-2021


  • 8th Grade Shirts: A T-Shirt will be provided to every 8th Grader courtesy of JCMS! There is NO charge for the shirts. We do need your sizes! Everyone, please complete this form so we know what size to order for you! Complete the form TODAY! It will only take a few seconds.

8th grade T-shirt Order Form

  • High School Registration: If you have not already done so, please remember to get your ONLINE high school registration form completed. It is due by Tuesday, March 23, 2021!

1. High School Registration Video for 8th graders 2021 - This is the presentation you viewed during homeroom at school. If you were not present on one of the presentation days and for all virtual students, please view this presentation here online.

2. High School Curriculum Guide - This is your High School Curriculum Guide. It will also answer many of your questions, including course offerings at CHS.

3. High School Registration Form - You received your high school four year plan cards at Chavis during the registration video time. If you are virtual, you should have received an email from me with a copy of your cards. After you have discussed your plan and elective choices with your family, complete your online High School Registration Form. This form needs to be submitted online by March 23, 2021!

4. Waivers - If you need a waiver form, please email me. Remember, waivers are for students who, after speaking with your parents, you decide it is best to take a class that is not recommended by your high school counselor. For example, if you are signed up for honors English, but you want to take regular English instead. Another example, if you are signed up for World History, but you want to take World History Honors. If you need one of these forms to request changes like this, please email me to request the form. The form will need to be signed by your parents and returned to me.

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Friendly Reminders

Please continue to encourage your student to complete their iReady Challenge

This Week

3-22-2021: Cohort A Report Cards Distributed

3-22-2021 to 3-26-2021: EOY NC Check In

3-22-2021: Softball @ Bessemer City

3-22-2021: Soccer Home

3-25-2021: Softball Home

3-25-2021: Soccer @ York Chester

Looking Ahead

3-29-2021: Softball Home

3-29-2021: Soccer @ Belmont

3-30-2-21: Cohort A iReady Challenge Celebration & Cohort A Honor Roll Celebration

4-1-2021: Cohort B iReady Challenge Celebration & Cohort B Honor Roll Celebration

4-1-2021: Softball Away

4-1-2021: Soccer Home

4-2-2021: Holiday

4-5-2021 to 4-9-2021: Spring Break

4-12-2021: Plan A Begins!