Mrs. Ray's Pre-K Weekly Newsletter

Week 21: February 1 - 5


Ground Hog Day - Tuesday, February 2

We will talk about what is said about the Ground Hog seeing his shadow. We will discuss different weather this time of year...and will be on the look-out for lies ahead! I encourage you to talk to your child at dinner about it.

100th Day of School - Wednesday, February 3

Can you believe we have been in school this many days!?! Your babies are learning so much already! We will be celebrating just how much we have learned in 100 days in many ways....but I would like all students to come dressed as a "100 Year Old Person" to help us understand what 100 means.

Wednesday is Ice Cream Days:

Optional ice cream sales are on Wednesday for $1. Order forms will come home Monday.

Donuts with Dads & Dino Day - Friday, February 5

To help us understand the sound the letter D makes...and just have fun...we will have Donuts with Dads first thing in the morning. I encourage all dads, or dad like figures, to bring their child to school on this day and join us for a little donut breakfast. After eating, your baby will take you on a tour of the room, show you our morning routines, and do a little activity with you. This will only take about 30-40 minutes of your morning...after the fun your little will kiss you goodbye so that you, and they, can return to a regular day. I'm so excited for a little dad/child bonding time!!!

Also, we will be learning all about dinosaurs this week.....this is a FAVORITE unit for the students!!! We will have a Dino Stomp Party in the afternoon, your child is encouraged to wear their favorite dino shirt if they would like.

Valentine's Day Party - Friday, February 12

We are two weeks away...and it is time to get a plan in place! Please visit the following link to sign up to help with our Valentine's Day Party. A list of students will be sent home this week to help you with names for your child's Valentine's. Remember to include a Valentine for EACH child in our class!!!

This Week's Theme: Dinosaurs


  • Letter: Dd is for Dinosaurs
  • Fine Motor Skills - Stickers
  • Syllables
  • Building/Writing Names (some have moved on to Last Names)
  • ABC Pattern
  • Recognizing/Counting/Writing the number 6
  • Color GREEN - sing, name, find!
  • Dimond (Rhombus) Shape

Science / Social Studies

  • Dinosaur facts
  • Winter Weather - Groundhog Day
  • Sorting Attributes - Big/Little
ABC Song: The Letter D, "Dee Doodley Do" by StoryBots
"Tyrannosaurus Rex," Dinosaurs Songs about the T-Rex by StoryBots
Let's Get Fit | Count to 100 | Count to 100 Song | Counting to 100 | Jack Hartmann

Mystery Readers - all new spots available with the 2016 New Year!

With the start of the 2016 New Year I still encourage as many parents/family members to sign-up for this great opportunity to bond with your child in our classroom.

If Wednesday JUST DOES NOT WORK for you, and you would still like to Participate in our Mystery Reader program I can usually make schedule arrangements with you.

Thank you for working together to fill our babies full of stories, laughter, and love! Visit the link below to sign up for a reading spot:

All About Us

Our classroom is a Pre-K mix of 3 and young 4 year olds that are always doing fun, artsy, creative learning! We love to dance, sing, create, and learn.