RRSD Community Update

October 22, 2021

District #35 Happenings

The days are getting shorter, and the weather is getting cooler and wetter. As we settle in for the upcoming winter months, there are still many reasons to celebrate being a part of the RRSD. We are wrapping up Homecoming week at the JSHS as I write this. Creative energy and school spirit are running rampant.

Pot Holes and Speed Bumps:

  • Shortages of substitutes have meant our staff go above and beyond to fill in and cover for those who are absent. Folks are working hard and getting run down. Please encourage and thank a staff member today. Maybe you will give them that little boost of spirit or energy they need to keep plowing forward.

  • First Student continues to struggle with having enough drivers to fill all RRSD routes. The shortage is happening nation wide. In the RRSD, several routes have been combined in response to driver shortages. As difficult as it has been, we are thankful that our situation is not as bad as some of our neighboring schools who have simply stopped bussing some students or are doing routes on alternating days.

Celebrations and Successes:

  • If you haven't seen the hallways in the JSHS during homecoming week, make sure you seek out some pictures. The students have done amazing work and shown great creativity. Who will win the prize for the best hall decorations? All will be revealed soon!
  • The bark was blown in today for the East Elementary playground. Our new swings and merry go round are operational for the elementary kids. We have also added bark to some landscaping at both elementary buildings to spruce up the curbside appeal and safety at our schools.
  • The Oregon Vaccine Mandate for school employees is now fully in effect. We have 100% compliance with this mandate. We are happy that no employees resigned or were placed on leave. Approximately 75% of our employees are vaccinated, and the other 25% have submitted approved medical or religious exceptions.

What is the District working on?

  • Much effort and time over the last few weeks went to ensuring compliance with the Oregon Vaccine Mandate. Moving forward, we will continue to focus on our communication and behavioral goals.


  • Quay Goff – her passion and commitment to ensure our families have access to food has secured generous donations from Grocery Outlet.

  • Hillary Wallace and her Leadership students for a great Homecoming Week!

  • Deb Acosta, College and Career teacher, for collecting student’s input and voice for our core values of Respect, Responsibility, and Integrity!

  • English Teachers Kelly Gibson and Todd Rose for restoring our theater program that drew nearly 40 students to the initial open call!

  • Rachel Davis, Secretary, for taking on new responsibilities to support our safe and civil schools initiative.

  • Judy Robbins and team: They are everywhere supporting students with groups--social and academic.

  • Max Javernick- He is working diligently with teachers and students to help make this place a healthy and productive learning environment.

  • Megan Bless- Using positive interventions to support all students in her classroom.

  • Kindergarten Team- Gentle Start truly was gentle due to their diligent planning and caring hearts.

  • Rebecca Moulder-Rebecca has embraced our new data tracking system, and created excellent procedures!

  • 5th Grade Team- Amazing use of space, rubrics, resources, and each other's strengths this fall.

  • Cheri Meier- Her mentoring of teachers is a support that is invaluable. Support with reward systems and curriculum has saved us.

  • 3rd Grade: The teamwork is brilliant. Serving students with so many great interventions and behavior supports.