CESA 7 RSN Newsletter

September 18th, 2015


We had a tremendous start to our year with the collaborative/joint meeting on Tuesday 9/15, my sincere gratitude to all attendees for participating and sharing. Gary Myrah, WCASS Executive and Kurt Eley, WCASS state President, appeared to be the hit of the day, as they shared reflections on the current state of education in Wisconsin and encouragement to all to stay strong for the students, along with updates regarding Special Education.

As our agenda moved forward; Suzann Van Beaver, DPI SpEd Consultant shared information about the Academic and Career Plans that will be required for all students starting grade 6 in 2017-18, more information and software is in process.

Local CESA 7 Directors and Coordinators; Dr. Becky Walker, Dr. Fran Renn-Malcheski, Michelle Ring-Hansen, Heather White, Nancy Misfeldt, and Chris Rodgers, provided updates on RDA, CALL, Assessments for WI.
See this link for ppt and more information about the meeting

New changes in SpEd: Intellectual Disability and Significant Developmental Disability (see side column for regional workshop listing) were brought to the attention of the group.
For further details see http://sped.dpi.wi.gov/sped_hmnew

There was also discussion about the new (required for graduation in) WI Civics Test, ASCD newsletter provides this article http://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2015/09/civic-education-citizenship-test/405889/ you may find interesting.

As information was presented throughout the day, it was evident of the need to work together whether in a school group, district, CESA or state level agency in order to increase learning for All Students and of course to reduce the achievement gap for those identified with disabilities.

*note: if you have difficulty registering for the regional ID/SDD workshops send information to Marjorie.schenk@dpi.wi.gov it unclear why some registrations are not working.

**note: the information shared at the mtg about SDD was DRAFT only thus cannot be shared in hard copy at this time, we will update you with further details as DPI releases them.

***note: Barb Van Haren's weekly email provided notice of the NEW IEP forms related to Assessments, (Item 5: I-7 Assessment Forms Updates). If you are not receiving this email from address of Honaker, Sherri DPI .... do let me know ASAP, it contains lots of information some critical.