Jackson's Weekly Staff Newsletter




Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:15-7:30


Coffee & Doughnuts for Diane/Sari's Room 7:45-8:15

Doughnuts with the Principal 8:35

5th Grade Pow Wow Music Trip 10:10-11:30/HS

Jackson Pride Bingo 2-2:45

27-29 No School - Thanksgiving Break



2 PBIS Meeting 7:35

4th Grade Assembly 8:35-9:00

3 Prof Dev Meeting 7:30 (BLT was canceled)

5 Climb Theater Date for 3rd-5th 8:40

6 I-Team Meeting 7:30

2nd Grade Music Program 2:00

9 Gingerbread House Night 6-7:45

A-L 6-6:45

M-Z 7-7:45

13 I-Team Meeting 7:30

17 BLT Meeting 7:30

18 PBIS Meeting 2:30

20 ONLY Early Childhood has No School today

I-Team Meeting 7:30

Donuts with the Principal 8:35

Winter Party Day



1 No School - Winter Break

3 I-Team Meeting 7:35

6 PBIS Meeting 7:35

4th Grade Assembly 8:35-9

7 BLT Meeting 7:35

10 I-Team Meeting 7:30

13 Mail K packets

14 Staff Meeting/Gifford Cluster 7:30

PTO Meeting (Board Only) 6:30-8

15 4th Grade Breakfast/Gifford Cluster 7:45-8:15

PBIS Meeting 2:30

17 I-Team Meeting 7:30

20 No School - MLK Jr. Day

21 BLT Meeting 7:30

23 First Semester Ends

Staff Potluck

Two Hour Early Release Day K-12

24 No School - Teacher Planning Day

28 Prof Dev/Gifford Cluster 7:30

31 I-Team Meeting 7:30

Doughnuts with the Principal 8:35

4th Grade Assembly 8:35-9

Kid's Dance 6-8



*Thank you so much Angela for taking me and helping me shop for American Education Week treats! You are the best!

*Thank you, Jody and Jen, for keeping our grade level informed about the students you work with!

*Thank you, Charlotte, for keeping my kids entertained at the end of the day as they’re waiting for their buses!

*Thank you, Erica and Char, for putting together our first grade grant and thank you, Erica, for representing our team at the PTO meeting!

*HUGE thank you to Lori and Kristi for helping my sub when I was out! You are both amazing and we are lucky to have you at Jackson!

*To Betsi Arvin, you are always so positive and enthusiastic! You bring sunshine to our school every day you are here!

*Thank you, Kailey for being on top of interventions for our kiddos! You are a ROCKSTAR! Keep growing those babies!

*Char, Sari, & Kailey way to carry the key to the inner-sanctum with you! I asked, and you three came a ‘running. THANK YOU!

*Chris Walberg, thank you for your constant smiling and problem solving! The children and I sure appreciate it!

*Boumeester – THANK YOU!!!

*Schleper – Thank you for sharing your gum…NOT!

*Thank you, SEA reps, for the treats during conference week!

*Thank you, Sandy, for being so flexible in your scheduling!

*Thank you, Jody and Jen, for picking up my sweet girls for reading!

*Thank you, Lexie, for the hot chocolate last week!

*Thank you, first grade team, for making tier time awesome!

*Thank you, Kathy and Wendy for adjusting conference times for me on Signup Genius!

*Thank you, Amy for sending off copies for things I didn’t originally sign up for and blamed you for hiding from me. ☺

*Barbi, thank you for teaching my class science! They love all of the experiments!

*Trudy, thank you for bringing comic relief to the team!

*Mandy, thank goodness for your emails that lay everything out for those of us who can’t keep anything straight!

*Mel, thank you for your ongoing care and concern; it is appreciated!

*Thank you to all of our awesome ESL teachers for joining in at conferences!

*Thank you to all of our Speech and Language teachers for keeping teachers and parents informed on the progress made with you!

*Keri, thank you for putting your all into the kids you teach! They are very lucky to have you!

*Thank you Natalie for helping me set up a recipe slide for parents to fill out at home.

*Thank you Charlotte for the verbiage…”Hands Up”. Heaven help me if I actually need to use it!

*Thank you Drill for setting up the guest author for 4th grade!

*Thank you Boumeester and Hengel for giving me your bag of Gardetto’s . Food makes me happy

*Thank you Schleper for putting your gum on the side of your plate to eat your food, never realizing Charlotte would accidentally eat it off the same plate. It was the comic relief that we all needed (except possibly Charlotte who was gaging!).

*Thank you, Anglin, for the doughnut (Thanks to Caleb actually!! LOL)

*Thank you Kevin and DeAnn for all your help getting ready for an important conference.

*Thank you Kathy for letting a few friends sit and color with you after school.

*Thank you first grade teachers for doing an amazing job helping students learn many important skills to help them read….from the low to the high!

*Thank you, Schleper, for getting me set up with the digital breakout box!

*Thanks, Luci—it was awesome of you to organize a guest reader for our grade level!

*Thank you, Martie, for developing the culture project for our students.

*Charlotte, I appreciate the funny stories you share after conferences. I need the laughs!

*Boumeester, thank you for the binder clips!

*Kevin, thank you for your compassion when I need to take a day off during conferences.

*Thank you, Jody, your M&Ms are the key to my survival this week.

*Sandy, thank you for your dedication to a student we share!

*Diane, thank you for all of the music expertise you have brought to our kiddos at Jackson! *Wishing you well after Thanksgiving.

*Sari & Diane, my class is SO EXCITED about recorders, you don’t even know! Thank you for instilling a love of learning music, even if I think they sound like dying ducks when they play.

*Nicole, thanks for introducing the number system in the cafeteria. It’s helping with my class and I hope it’s helping you, too.

*Thanks, VB, for sharing some MCA correlation charts with our team!

*Thanks for putting our Regions tests online, Schlep!

*Charlotte, thank you for the social studies apps you sent like a month ago. I hadn’t used them yet but I am now and my students are engaged and motivated!

*Angela G thank you for always having a kind heart.

DLC Quick Tip - Seesaw Update

Did you notice that Seesaw now offers students the option to “Save Draft”? This new feature allows students to work on a post or multipage activity over the course of several days before final approval is made and shared with families.

While in the “Draft” stage, only the student and teacher can see the work, and there can be comments and discussions on the work in progress.

Click here for a 1-page document showing how to use "Save Draft" feature.

Reach out to your DLC to get more details on this fantastic update!

Love partnering with you all! Keep the ideas and conversation coming.



11/30 Tiffany Hall

12/3 Kathy Clarke

12/3 Kathie Rue

12/4 Carolyn Apfelbach

12/8 Kim Hackel

12/8 Marty Schmidt

12/9 Diane Crist

12/11 Lisa Goodwin-Toller

12/11 Alexa Plouman

12/12 Brooke VonBank

12/16 Luci Drill Mellum

12/18 Lexie Schilling

12/24 Noel Reinke

12/25 Brandie Rush

1/1 Bev Wuollet

1/2 Jeanne Meyer

1/4 Sandy Boyce

1/13 Rachael Schweigert

1/17 Jeff Casey

1/18 Kelsey Angell

1/21 Matt Malaske

1/22 Emily Adams

1/24 Sari Flatness

2/2 Natalie Weatherman

2/8 Steph Masloski

2/12 Tim Olene

2/15 Danielle Bauman

2/18 Becca Kay-Lewis

2/19 Amanda Lymangood

2/21 Kristi Boumeester

2/21 Barb Weierke

2/26 Mel Altonen

2/26 Sue Tanberg

2/28 Katie Beckrich