Week 4, Term 3 - Friday 19 August 2022

Kia Manawanui - Have a Heart

Kia Māia - Be Courageous

Kia Kaha - Do Your Best

Kia Ora - Be Well

From our principal

Wow, what a lot of rain!

It is times like this that we are reminded what a powerful force Nature can be.

Next week we will be looking at staying safe in another powerful natural event - earthquakes. We will be carrying out an earthquake drill for everyone on site, so we all know what to do, just in case.

Also coming next week is our school Cross Country Fun Run and Walk Talk. We are all so excited to be able to have our whānau join us at school. For some of our younger students, this will be the first time they have seen a whole-school dress up sporting event. We would love to see you there, even better if you are dressing up in your child's Whānau Group colours!

Have a lovely weekend and remember:

"The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain."
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Time to vote!

The votes are pouring in!

Once you have made your choice, please use the yellow voting form to select up to 5 people, then pop it in the return envelope and drop it back to school. (If you want to post it back that's fine, but you will have to buy a stamp.)

Voting papers MUST be in the return envelope and must be back at school no later than noon on Wednesday 7 September 2022.

Staying Safe at School

Over the next few weeks we will be teaching and learning about our Safety Drill procedures and having a practice at all of them.

Next week we will teach and practice the Earthquake procedures - Drop! Cover! Hold! in classes, then evacuate to the courts (the same as we do for fire.)

In Week 5 we will practice the Lock Down procedures using our new alarm system. Lock down is used for any reason that requires everyone to stay inside - for example, a wandering dog or an angry child in the playground with a stick.

In week 6, the Fire evacuation procedures.

A heads up for those who live close to the school - our new alarm system is LOUD and uses words. Please don't be alarmed, these are planned drills so we all know what to do.

Teachers will be preparing children so they know what to expect and what to do.

This might be a great time to talk about what your plans at home could be and practice these at home too.

SAfety at our gates

We have over 400 children at our school so Dillon Drive gets very busy at 3.00pm.

If you are picking your child up by car, please be considerate to other parents and our neighbours - show that parents live by our values too.

Yesterday our friends from the council were here reminding drivers that unsafe parking is not ok around our school - several tickets were issued.

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If the drop off bay is blocked by other cars, please don't just wait in the road - drive along and park somewhere further down or go around the block.

Living our Values

PB4L - Positive Behaviour for Learning
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The below students are our fortnightly Te Mako Matawhero award winners and will enjoy morning kai today (Friday) with Mrs O and Miss Sattler.

Ka pai te mahi tamariki.

Rimu: Izrael Luke, Ezra Haylock, Emmie Lucinsky & Hadley Smith

Totara: Alizeyh Tuhaka, Jayden Williams, Brodie Houghton, Teina Williams & Tiaki Leaf

Kowhai: Iniyah Zandbergen, Amarni Cooper, Harmony Lambert, Goo Pham, Hamu Adams & Whakairi Rangi

Kauri: Lucian Hosking, Iona Den-McKay, Emma Hoskin & Kingston Benton


Well done Carlos Zenovich and Sienna Wallace have been caught showing our school values!

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Duffy Winners

As well as MAKO Superstar Awards, if you get spotted showing our Values in class you can win a Duffy Award and get to choose a book to keep. Kōwhai held a mini-assembly to present awards to their students.
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Lexis Darby, Sophie Morrison, Sanjeet Chand, Adelle Robinson, Leo Luke, Layla Read,
Ari Marlow, Izzy Mcmahon, Whakairi Rangi and Makaia Sherry with their Duffy Certificates, just before choosing their books!

Five students also received a voucher from the White Pear Cafe for always showing their values. Well done everyone and huge thanks to the White Pear Cafe for supporting our school.
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Damon Judd, Harmony Lambert, Nikayda Taylor, Kaydince Brill & La-Shaye Hoeta

Teacher Only Day next week

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Calling all 4 Year Olds...

If you have a pre-schooler at home, now is the time to enroll them in our school.

If your child is 4, we need to know about them now so we can plan our classes for next year.

If your child is 3, you can still enroll them - it is never to early to enroll!

It's easy and online: https://enrolments.linc-ed.com/apply/NZ/2223

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hoodies and tshirts

They're back!
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On the menu for next week...

Monday: Loaded Wedges

Tuesday: Beef Nachos

Wednesday: Chicken & Roast Veg

Thursday: Sweet & Sour Pork on Rice

Friday: Burger Day

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Our Rimu tamariki give the lunches a BIG THUMBS UP

design technology

Our Kauri tamariki have been busy again this week, thinking of ideas with the laser cutter to help with fundraising for camp.

Watch this space....you may be able to order some of your own.

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Here are some samples of bag tags that Kauri students have been making. They have also made smaller key ring versions.

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Deja Tohi, Bella Owens-Thomason and Ella Rauputu kindly made these earring samples for our staff in return for feedback and pricing advise.

You may have noticed these beautiful creations on our staff this week.



Term 4 Touch is coming!

This will be played on Wednesday afternoons at Hickford Park in Bell Block.

Grades available are Under 6, 8,10, 12 and Intermediate.

Each team will need a coach and a person to do the subbing.

Register your child to play by filling in the Hero post.

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NETBALL Year 0-2

This is for boys and girls and is free to participate.

The New Plymouth ANZ futureFERNS Years 1-2 program starts in Term 4, from Wednesday 19th October and will be played at Waiwhakaiho Park Netball Courts, New Plymouth.

Games will be 3.45pm and 4.45pm.

Please note that this is the same night and time that touch is played in Bell Block. Children will have the opportunity to play again in Term 2, 2023 if this night doesn't suit.

Each team will need a coach ( called a Star Helper)

The Star Helper workshop will be held at 6.00pm-7.00pm on Thursday 6th October at Waiwhakaiho Park Netball Courts, New Plymouth.

Please comment in Hero if your child would like to play and if you can be the Star helper.

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Come and support Whaea Elle in her final home game for Taranaki Womens Rugby.

Tomorrow / Saturday 20 August at TET Inglewood UPDATED KICK OFF TIME OF 2.05pm.

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Come Join us for Cross Country!

Our school Cross Country Fun Run and Walk is coming up on Tuesday 23rd August.

This is the day that our whole school has the opportunity to dress up in their whanau colours and have some fun... kids, staff and whānau! It is not compulsory but it is very popular and you can earn extra whānau points for your childs whānau group. Look Sharp in the Valley has a great selection of goodies if you need anything.

Home and school


Keep those sponsorship forms coming in!

Once money is all collected, please post money and forms together in the Puketapu Home and School letterbox located in the office.

Every form returned goes in the draw to win.


Email Home & School to register your team - homeandschool@puketapu.school.nz

Check out the Facebook event here - https://fb.me/e/1KnHI2zV7

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Art Calendars

Dont worry: you have not missed the order forms for this. They will be handed out soon and you will have plenty of time to place your orders.

Calendars, Notepads, Cards, Mousemats or Diaries - all with your child's artwork.

There are samples in the office and you can ask your child what piece of art they are working on in their classroom.

Kowhai 1 - writing

Thank you Kowhai 1 for your wonderful stories you shared with the office about your trip up the Maunga.

We have chosen the below 2 to share with our Puketapu community in the newsletter


By Koen Adams

I was exhausted, we had already walked around. We were about to go to the Connett walk, this would be the longest walk at 2hrs. At least I had my drawing book. I was just going to draw the whole way. I thought it would pass like a breeze although it did not feel like the whole 2hrs.

First we walked to the lower lookout zone. You could see all the way to the sea, then we had to take a photo.

Then I walked and drew at the same time. We were on a bridge on the way to the car park.

Then it was just trees, after trees, after traps, after trees. We had also seen a big statue on the way that looked like a memorial for the dead. Then we walked back down and then there were just trees.


By Kallana Bradnock

Finally we were done and we were going to the last walk, so we went past the car park. I was so exhausted after the nature walk.

We went off and away. We saw traps and something that looked like a bear trap. There were so many trees. I heard birds chirping. There were so many drops. I almost fell over. We kept walking. We got a couple of pictures. We took more and more pictures. We saw something that looked like a trap .

I heard yelling, so we went off the bridge. It felt like it was going to break on the way back. We saw a pretty view of the Maunga. The loop walk was so fun I hope to go again .

At the end we went back to the parents that brought us up.

this week at school

Week 4 was a wet week but there were still smiles all around.
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Question: How do you know Miss Sowman has been in class?

Answer: There are waffles everywhere!!!

Thanks Miss Sowman / Whaea Kim for making it fun for tamariki when they have a reliever

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Plant Boy - Ezra Haylock - This dude knows lots about plants and weeding. He has even been selling his plants to raise money for cross country.

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From home

If you have anything you would like to share or celebrate from home please email it to ksmith@puketapu.school.nz


Happy Birthday to all the students who have Birthdays coming up over the next week:

  • Joel Hunt
  • Cainan Murray
  • Te Aorangi Wanakore-Sioli
  • Rory Meijer
  • Kierah Graham Moore
  • Kimi Wano

Upcoming dates

Upcoming Whole School Events/Dates

Please check the Hero App for more dates specific to your child's class - for example, Year 8s have lots of High School Promotional Visits and Open Days coming up in Term 3.

Tuesday 23 August

  • Puketapu School Fun Run / Walk Talk

Wednesday 24 August

  • Puketapu School Fun Run / Walk Talk (postponement date)

Friday 26 August

  • Teacher only day (School Closed)

Wednesday 31 August

  • Showcase - parents are invited! (time TBC)

Wednesday 28 September

  • Final Showcase of Term 3 - parents are invited! (time TBC)
Friday 30 September
  • Last Day of Term 3

Community notices


The Taranaki Toy Library is holding this year’s Children’s MONSTER Book Sale on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 September. On their behalf, we are collecting any good quality second hand children’s books. If you have any unwanted books that you wish to donate, please drop these off to the school office. Please do not include colouring-in or activity books unless they are in new condition.

To find out more about this book sale, please browse the Taranaki Toy Library Facebook page under “Children’s Monster Book Sale”.


Junior indoor netball

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Street Dance Workshops

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Bell Block Pools Free family swimming day

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Taranaki Disability Swim Clinic

Swimming Taranaki and Swimming NZ are bringing a Disability Swim Clinic to our region on Wednesday 21 September at the Todd Energy Aquatic Centre, New Plymouth.

The clinic starts at 4.30pm and there will be food afterwards for the swimmers and parents involved with an approx finish time of 6-6.30pm.

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the lemon club

Bookings for Term 3 are open!!!

Click here to book your childs space at The Lemon Club https://enrolmy.com/the-lemon-club/book-now/9-Before-and-After-school-care-at-Puketapu-School-Term-3-2022-