Nightmare in Greenwhich Village

Greenwich Village, NY 54'

Just your ordinary sunny day in Greenwich Village, night time was very much different. All sort of crazy stuff happened at night, not many people caught on except former apartment owner, L.B. Jefferies. "I knew something wasn't right, nothing seemed like it was before on that night." says Jefferies. Another heard a loud scream coming from the other side of the apartments complex, they also stated how it was pitch black dark outside. Nothing more has been revealed due to safety hazards.

Feminism Today in the 1950's

Modern Feminism

The division of domestic labor,

How the media portrays a women

Social Inequality

1950's Feminism

The civil rights' movement (suffrage movement)

Protesting the right to vote


How are these still related?

Todays and past feminism is still related, gender inequality is still a big thing today

Men are still seen as strong, independent, powerful people where as women are just here to serve their needs

We rely mostly on men

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