SAP:SPHIER Athletics Program

By:Siddhant,Jackson, and Preston

Grandpa trusts Medicare, I will too

When we run marathons, we push our bodies to the max. We need to make sure that we have not propelled too far. This is why we have medicare at low rates at the marathon. Spasms, hernia, or other injuries can be very major. This is why we have checkups for each marathon runner within every half mile. SPHIER is the only company that would offer such low rates for checkups. Besides you can have as many checkups as you want and still pay the same price as other people.

SPHIER is just offering five dollars for a risk-free and invunerable marathon. What do you think would be more important: putting your health at risk, or keeping your health in good hands?

It's not just medicare, it's SPHIER

We have the solution, It's Medicare

This new service of SPHIER will be an end for only some people having medicare. Wouldn't you love it if medicare was for everyone? We would have a healthy country. That's why SPHIER is offering a one time opportunity that no ER would ever do.

SPHIER is possibly making precedents for other companies to follow.


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SPHIER marathon

Tuesday, March 15th, 10am

23420 Cinco Ranch Boulevard

Katy, TX

More details of where this marathon will be located at
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