By: Elizabeth Coughenour, Gracie Alexander, and Emma Johnson

All about the Hall

Not everyone can make math fun and educational. Michelle Hall is one of the rare people that can make learning exciting! Michelle Hall is a wonderful addition to Glenview Middle School.
Michelle Hall has been a mathematics teacher for five years. She has taught seventh grade for four years and eighth grade one year. She graduated from Anderson University with a bachelors degree and is now attending the University of South Carolina. She has gotten many notes in the past and appreciates the thoughts of all of her students. She states that is her greatest accomplishment. In the future she wants to become an assistant principal or an instructional facilitator.
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An inspiration to all, Michelle Hall strives to educate all. She said that one of her high school geometry teachers inspired her to become a math teacher. It was in high school where she discovered that her favorite standard was algebra and equations. During her free time, she enjoys traveling, shopping, reading, and gardening. According to student Ashleigh Cox, "Mrs. Hall is a great teacher and helps you understand the content in a way that makes sense."
Michelle Hall is an all around amazing person. Some may say Michelle Hall is the best one on the hall!