ICT News

Greater Kengal Network of Small Schools

ISsue 5 25th May 2013

The Greater Kengal ICT News will be published each fortnight. Please send contributions to gayle.pinn@det.nsw.edu.au by June 7. The flyer will also be uploaded to the Greater Kengal wiki.

Contributions can include recommendations for apps, webtools, websites, Notebook ideas and tricks, student work samples etc.

Tools and apps mentioned and demonstrated at our last network meeting.


This is the tool Andrew used for the Working Mathematically presentation.

Prezis can be viewed online, downloaded or viewed on iPads.


This is a sample of students work on a prezi.


A sample of a student's Glogster.

A Glogater in an online interactive poster.


Smore is an easy tool to use to create online interactive posters.


This is a sample of a student's Smore.


Tellagami is a free iPad app. it creates 30 sec videos using an avatar.
Here is a student sample of a Tellagami.