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Advice Column
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Love, the deadliest of all deadly things.

There is a 17 year old girl named Lena who lives in a society that believe that love is a disease. When people are 18 they get cured from love. Lena has been waiting all her life for the cure. Until she meets a boy and falls in love with him. He changes her life forever. Watch the romantic/drama movie Delirium by your nearest movie theater. Do you dare to love?
"Love will turn your whole world into something greater than itself."

People are going Wild

People are going The Wilds. A man named Jerry Walker witnessed people going out to The Wilds. He told us that he was taking his afternoon jog around the border like usual. Until he saw a boy and a girl holding hands. They seemed to be running towards the border to The Wilds. He saw them climbing the border smiling and laughing. Then he hid behind a tree and called the Regulators. But they didn't come in time. The couple were already in The Wilds. So people keep your eyes wide open if you see anything strange happening report it immediately. Anyone could be a rebel.

Delirium crossword

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You know how music is forbidden. Well now you can get away with it by using Jeats. Jeats is a jacket and there are hidden ear buds in them. The earbuds is located on the arm. People will think that you are just resting your head on your hand but you're actually listening to music. Isn't that cool? So buy Jeats now only for $52.00
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