Team Rector

February Newsletter

Do you?

What do you love about Thirty-One? Do you love the sisterhood? Do you love the opportunity to be a leader? Do you love helping others find solutions with our products? Do you love the paycheck? Do you love the incentives & amenities the company spoils us with? It's a great month for reflection on what you LOVE about Thirty-One and what should make it worth dedicating your time to. I love helping ladies. I love OUR TEAM. I love being YOUR leader. I love that I am so valued by our company's leaders. I love how they pour into us!

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Celebrating Your Success & Encouraging One Another Along!

Jessica Yarboro $728.90

Robin Felman $532.10

Misty Griffin $559.00

Michele Galloway $527.10

Brandy Leach $419.90

Vicki Ross $406.90

Amy Motley $225.00

Amanda McLoughlin $215.90

Wanda Swink $190.90

Stacy Williams $181.00

Kristin Theis $133.60

Carol Hinson $120.40

Carla Fassbender $97.90

Tammy Murphy $67.00

Carrie Williford $64.40

Kim Elam $53.00

Heather Hill $18.00

We'll be cheering these ladies on in February!

Fiona Melton

Hope Binion

Jo Boggs

Lora Morgan (welcome back!)

Rewarding Our Rockstars!

Laura Tharrington $1249.90

Robin McKnight $1089.00

Melissa Calvert $1059.80

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