Alexander the Great

Conquering Greece , Persia , Egypt, and India.

>Philip of Macedonia was assassinated in 336 b.c.e.

>Macedonian army accepted Alexander as his father's rightful sucessor.

>News of philip's death had traveled to the League of Corinth , the federation of Greek city-states that Philip's had assmeble after he conquered all of Greece. (war)

>Alexander got the power to secure troops from the mainland Greece to make war against Persia, the most powerful empire in the ancient world at time.

>Alexander won the was against persia , but had ruled eygpt for the previous 20 years , the Egyptains welcomed Alexander more as a savior than an invader.

> They believed Alexander would show more respect for their religous practices and cultural traditions than the Persians had done .

> He led his troops over the Hindu kush mountains into the plains by the indus river.

> Alexander never fought with elephants before , but that didnt stop them happily the ruler over India had surrender.


> When he "invade" Egypt , It wanst really an invasion because the just told him that he could just rule over Egypt with out putting up an fight .

> They called him king or pharaoh.

Hellenistic Culture

>It cobine these four culture Greek ,India, Egypt , Persia/ Mesopotamia .

>He wanted to improve and change / spread more culture around .