McCalla Community Academy

K-3rd grade Sessions

What are Community or Parent Academies?

The Community Academy year-round, parent engagement initiative of helping parents become full partners in their children’s education. The goal of this program is to provide educational excellence for all of our children by informing parents about the importance of their roles, uniting families and schools, and giving parents resources to help students regarding reading, math, behavior, study skills, etc…

The sessions will provide grade level state standards, expectations per nine weeks in reading and math, information on grade level testing, and information regarding the Alabama Literacy Law.

Agenda of Webex Meeting

  • Learn about the Literacy Law and how it impacts K-3

  • Phonics First and Heggerty Programs/Wonders Program

  • Three Part Drill (Phonics First)

  • Tap Mat (Phonic First)

  • Kindergarten Expectations

  • First Grade Expectations

  • Second Grade Expectations

  • Third Grade Expectations

  • Specials presentation

  • Standard Based and Traditional Grading

First Grade Information

First Grade Reading Expectations:

➩Read 55 words per minute by end of 1st grade with accuracy

➩Recognizes and reads grade level high frequency (red) words

➩Apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words (Blending

First Grade Math Expectations:

➩Count, write and recognize numbers 0-120

➩Demonstrate understanding of place value

➩Fluently add and subtract within 10

➩Represent and solve problems using addition and subtraction within 20

➩Add within 100, including adding a 2 digit and 1 digit number

Daily Reminders:

➩Student should read daily at home.

➩Parents please initial daily calendar and check newsletter.

➩Send a healthy snack and bottled water daily.

Greetings from PE, MUSIC, ART, Counseling, and Library

Club opportunities for 3-5th grade Students - Science Olympiad, Drama, Girls Who Code - Vex IQ Robotics, Choir

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