Having Fun With Art!

Drawing cartoons, paintings, and much more! By: Alaska B.

Drawing, painting, and creating things in your own way can be fun!

Do you enjoy drawing, painting, and just flat out making things? Do you like art but you're just plain bad at it? Well, even if you are good at art or bad at it, art can be very fun and entertaining! There are many, many, many different types of art out there, and if you do art, one of those types of arts are yours!

You can do tons of things with art! Art is all about creativity! You can paint, draw, color, craft, cut, paste, design, sketch, and much, much, more! Art can be a fun activity, that could be time consuming if you are doing it a lot.

Art can describe how people feel about something, and tell their emotions. Art can be joy full, happy, sad, and even show frustration. Art can also have a meaning, like something that happened, or how something is.

Here are some different arts!

How to get ready for some Art!

If you want to be ready to do some art here's what you do! First, figure out what type of you are going to be doing. I'm going to be telling you how to get ready to just plain out draw, color, or paint something. First, you would need something to do art on. Like paper, construction paper, cardboard, canvas, etc. Then, get your drawing or painting materials out, pencils, color pencils, markers, crayons, paint brushes, pens, etc. Now, you need to make sure you have every single thing you need to make your picture. Finally, get to work! Start expressing yourself through art!

Messed Up Art!

Have you ever messed up your artwork before? Well it's a pain!

If you ever mess up your work and do not know what to do, maybe here's what you can do!

Let's say you have a pencil drawing, and no eraser to erase the mistake. Maybe you could make something else out of your drawing, by covering the mistake with more detail.

If you mess up your painting you may want to do the same thing you would do to the pencil drawing, or you can just start your picture over! Easy! You can also turn your picture into something else that looks unique!

Painting or Drawing?

Drawing and painting are both arts, but they can be very different. Drawing involves a pencil and a few other materials. While on the other hand painting involves a paintbrush and of course paint! Both of these arts can be very fun. Drawing can include lots of different materials to it like pencil, paper, markers, color pencils, etc. This art might be different from painting because you are actually drawing! Painting includes a paintbrush, and some paint. This is different from just plain old drawing because you use a brush and paint to make art.

A way drawing and painting might be alike is that, you are always creating something! They can always be fun, interesting, and enjoyable!

Here are some more arts to look at!