Data Types in Python


An integer is a whole number (not a fraction or a decimal) and that number can be a positive number, a negative number or zero. So therefore -12,54,0,7,863,-907 are all integers.


The Technical definitions of a sting is an array of characters. the informal way of referring to a string is a sentence. Strings are almost always written in code as a quoted sequence of characters. An example of his is: "This is an example of a string".


An array us a data structure that contains a group of elements. Normally these elements are all of the same data type, such as a integer or a string.


Character (sometimes shorted to a char) is a data type that holds one character (letter, number etc.) of data.


A Boolean consists of operations such as AND,OR,NOT. Boolean expressions are expressions that result in the value of either TRUE or FALSE.


Float is a term used to define a variable with a fractional value. Numbers created using a float variable deceleration will have digits on both sides of a decimal point. This is in contrast to the integer data type, which houses an integer or whole number.