Teacher of the Week

Tracy Cheatham


Tracy is awesome at feedback and here is just a example of one of her feedback examples. Note she dates it in case kids continue to turn things in to improve their score to see the conversation she has with the kids.

Feedback Example #1.

*Seth- good job. Looks like you've mastered solubility and temperature. Can you think of any time we would use this in real life? Here's a hint.

(see attached pic)

*10.11 YAY!!! all correct except for this one:

KOH --> KO + H2O (It can’t be balanced)

You have the products incorrect. It should read:

2KOH -->K2O + H2O (It can be balanced)

10.11 Well, it's getting better :) Please see attached document with comments. I am confident you can earn full credit!

10.10 Seth- please see link for feedback and comments. There's still time to redo and resubmit for a better grade.


Feedback Example #2.

* Hi Federico, what you have submitted is good. However, it looks like you only answered half the questions in the lesson 4 guided notes,and you did not submit the science journal. If you are having difficulty submitting multiple files, view the screencast I placed in the daily announcements/learning block. Please submit your science journal for a better grade. There's still time!

Fun Facts

  • I read ALOT.
  • I watch the Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. De riguer for chemistry teachers :)
  • I was in LA for the 5.5 earthquake in 2008. We were at the La Brea tar pits and we saw the tar sloshing around in the pits while we stood on the observation deck . I was hoping they weren't going to find my remains in a few hundred thousand years.......... We were forced to leave Yosemite that morning because of the wildfires, and had only been in LA for two hours when the quake hit.
  • I own periodic table Toms. My children gave them to me as a gift. (pic attached)

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