Influences on The Constitution

By: Julia Moffit, Sequoia Bagrow, Nick Huff

Magna Carta

  • First limit to the English Monarchs
  • Suggested Trial by Jury
  • Made no freeman able to be destroyed
  • Protected the taking of Life, Liberty, and prosperity

Alexander Hamilton

  • Senators and governors would be chosen by citizen
  • He was the first delegate chosen
  • Believed in a Central government

Thomas Hobbes

  • He thought all people should be equal
  • Thought nobody should have more power than another
  • Community should have a say in what laws are passed
  • Wrote the Social Contract, which was about how Monarchs held all the power and how that was not how it should be.

Combined Influence

  • All three of the sources believed in a type of government that was chosen by and for the people.
  • All believed in the unity of the nation. Without unity, the country would not succeed.

Natural Law

Laws that are made from a persons moral or religious values. Laws are just known, not necessarily created. Laws like these aren't necessarily written out in The Constitution but they are to be understood. For example, loving your neighbor is a moral believed by many people but it is not written out in the Constitution.