All About Cyprus

By Alexander Dodson

The Cyprus Flag

The word Cyprus come from the word Copper. The two green leaves represent peace and reconciliation.
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Cyprus Tourist Attractions

1) Police Museum

2) Fasouri Water Park

3) Nissi Beach

The Capital And Major Cities


Cyprus use the Euro currently,but before the Euro they used the Cypriot Pound.


Cypres is an island located northwest of Israel, north of Egypt, south of Turkey, west of Lebanon and Syria,and east of Greece with some mountain ranges and plains


Cyprus was founded on August 16, 1960. It begin as a country apart of Alexander The Great's empire.after the empire ended it became it own country using the currency Cypriot Pounds which later switched to the Euro when C.yprus joined the European Union in 2004. Today Cyprus has a Unitary Presidental Representative Repulic in which a ruler is voted in and serves the country in one or two term also know as a democracy