Dental Medicine

Bruno Benitez. 6° Medicine

Describe the proffession

-Dental medicine take care of your health, mouth treatment and prevention.

-This profession is the teeth, the joint temporomandibular, neuromuscular, the system is also the structures of the oral cavity salivary the palate, tongue, glands, etc.

Where can you study?

-Dental faculty of medicine

-Catholic university

How long do you have to study?

The duration of the race odontology varies according to the major that you choose:

-The degree is 5 and a half years

-Hygienist for 3 years

-Attendance is 2 years


-It is a race to secure future depends on it, you skills and your capacity for learning

-Once you get independent

-Right now they are in constant advance


-These days many doctor´s offices odontological such thing is too complicated for the job competitiveness


In my opinion, the odontolgy race is a vareer that I like very much when you were received inserted in the job for a quick way and being an independent person