Being Weird Isn't A Bad Thing

Peyton Capp

Being Weird Isn't A Bad Thing

Because everyone is weird in their own ways

Dani Sanders

She's totally fine with me being weird in public, most the time.


Caelyn Ward-Loffereado

She is weird too, so we are both fine with being silly and weird in public all the time.

Jaden Deal

He loves to be weird in public, and he doesn't care what people think. He'll seriously start ballroom dancing at the mall.

Sebastian Capp

He showed me it's not a bad this to stand out when he was in his early years of high-school, because he did the "Pay It Forward" speech in front of the whole school and now today he continues to go above and beyond that he's been

  • the homecoming king
  • the magrical king
  • always gets a solo in his choirs
  • teachers love him
  • he has a nice girlfriend
  • and he's being accepted into collages he didn't even apply too
  • He is getting scholorships all the time


  • Location: Norwalk, Iowa
  • My setting is important because it's where I met the characters that helped me with the theme.
  • If my location was different I would probably have a bit of a different personality and different friends.
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How The Picture Relates

This is a picture of the fictional family called the "Accachalla's". They are from a youtube channel called "VenturianTale". Both of these groups of people love to be weird and stand out in public. VenturianTale makes funny and silly videos for people to love, and the Accachalla's are just a hint of their randomness. They relate to the theme because they aren't afraid to be weird

Three Events That Lead Me To Being Fine With Being Weird

  • I used to hate being called weird, but now I take it as a compliment! Because I know I'm weird, so I embrace it!
  • In 6th grade, I used to get ditched by my "friends" basically everyday at lunch for popular kids.
  • In 7th grade, I wanted to stand out so I would wear geeky clothes, like funny hoodies and by the end of the year, I'd wear geeky knee-high socks with shorts and my high-tops.

My Turning Point

I believe my turning point for this theme was in 7th grade when I wanted to stand out. Because I wasn't afraid of being weird!