Put It Away

Do you do drugs if so put it away!!!! Or say no win someone offers it to you. You can say my parents would kill me!!! if I did drugs!!!!!! If you do this I promise you will have a good life.!!!!!

Don't do drugs!!!

If you don't. If you don't do do drugs you can live a long life. If you don't do drugs you can go to the movies. Just be yourself and don't do drugs and you can have two to three thousands a year.

Stop Doing Drugs

Do you do drugs if so stop it can cause a dozen and it can make you do stuff you don't usually don't do yourself. It will make you want more of it and you start to steal and sell it so you can buy more drugs. If you don't do drug you don't have to worry


  • Drugs. it is ocular or tuba

D.A.R.E. it is win a officer cums in an tokes to u bot drugs

  • dozen


  • thousands


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