Internet Saftey/Facebook

Dont really put your face on facebook!

What is Internet Saftey on Facebook

Facebook is a great site that a lot of kids use in middle school but you need to take many precautions to protect yourself from people on the internet. You have a profile page but you don't want to put information that gives you away a lot of the information is optional if it is don't put it on there.

Tips For Internet Safety on Facebook

  • Do Make your Facebook page private.
  • Do Not accept random friend request from people you don`t know.
  • Do Not put your address, phone number, or email address on Facebook.
  • Do Not put personal information like your age or your gender.
  • Do Not give your password or username to ANYONE.
  • When You message your friends don`t put personal information in the message its better to do it personally.
  • When You post pictures make sure there not giving anything away like your address.
  • If You accidently accept a friend request when you don't mean to and the person starts to ask personal questions make sure to block them.