Dynamic Broncos Weekly Update

May 4th - May 8th


Important Dates:

Wednesday, May 6th, 1pm - 3pm - Field Trip to see a performance of Peter Pan at the Upper School

Wednesday, May 13th - Third Grade Field Trip to the Blanton Museum

Saturday, May 16th - Diversity Dash, 5K, Upper School

Tuesday, May 26th - Third Grade End of Year Party

Thursday, May 28th - Field Day

Friday, May 29th - Last Day of School!


Last Thursday was Poem in Your Pocket Day. The Dynamic Broncos enthusiastically shared and listened to each other's poems throughout the day. We heard poems written by some popular poets, like Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky, and we also heard poems written by the Dynamic Broncos themselves!

Writing Workshop

Today we began our unit of study on information writing. There are experts on such a wide variety of topics in our classroom! Here are just a few topics we are excited to learn and teach about: foxes, football, Minecraft, the American Revoultion, gorillas, cooking and horses!

Today we learned that one way writers can get ready to write informational texts is to spend some time teaching others about their topics before writing about them. We noticed so many moves that we used as teachers on our topic that we can also use when we write about our topics. After teaching others a bit about our topic, the Dynamic Broncos tried another strategy that information writers use to get themselves ready to write a book - they write long, throwing everything they know about their topic onto the page. We spent our last ten minutes of Writing Workshop writing furiously about our expert topics. Below, you can check out some photos of third graders hard at work.

Ask your Dynamic Bronco about. . .

  • their new writing partner;
  • the topic they have chosen and some of the subtopics they will teach about;
  • the topics their classmates have chosen that they are excited to learn more about;
  • moves that teachers use that writers can borrow.


Our Unit 8 assessment will be this Wednesday! The kids have been studying and learning their new words in the classroom. They have been working on several assignments and activities to help them learn these words. Ask your Dynamic Bronco more about the work they have been doing on their Vocabulary Menu!














We continue our study of Geometry. This week we will be discussing 3D shapes and then move on to discussing symmetry, flips and turns before studying area and perimeter. Tomorrow we will take a short break from Geometry and invite a special visitor, Mr. Harrison back to our class!

Ask your Dynamic Bronco about . . .

  • What makes a polygon, a polygon?
  • What makes a quadrilateral, a quadrilateral?
  • What types of shapes are parallelograms? Why?
  • What's the difference between a rhombus and a square?


Please check for Spanish updates regularly by following the link below:



Nightly Reading -
  • Readers continue to build their stamina and shape their reading lives by reading, logging and jotting nightly. Readers should be jotting 1-2 thoughtful ideas each night. Please check in with your child to be sure they are completing their nightly reading assignments.
Dreambox -
  • Due Monday: 35 - 40 minutes of Dreambox.
Language Arts -
  • Vocabulary Assessment on Wednesday, May, 6th.
  • Work for 15-20 minutes on your information writing.