St Mary of the Angels

Performance Culture

School Improvement Plan

St Mary's has adopted a subcommittee model to investigate & explore options for change.

The four subcommittees are linked to the School Improvement Plan and currently each team is headed by a member of executive (Leadership Team)

  • Catholic Identity - Charism
  • Teaching and Learning - Teacher Coaching and Feedback
  • Stewardship of Resources
  • Pastoral Wellbeing - Transition
  • Leadership - Communication Processes

Teacher Coaching and Feedback

  • Marg Stewart ran whole staff PD session
  • whole staff are now making our school "hum"
  • Sub - Committee members (TCF) have commenced the Professional Coaching for Teacher Development Policy, Process, and Reflection document.
  • A.R.M Process has started, with the opt-in model of

High Performing Teams - Brian Burgess

  • Understanding the notion of what makes teams work
  • Unpacking data to improve performance in the following:

empathy, clarity, learning and engagement