Genetic Modifications

By Isaac Caron and Dylan Caskey

Positive Effects of Genetically Modified animals.

1. A Positive Effect of genetic modification is animals such as cows, sheep, and mice. This is done by taking adult somatic cells and add the DNA into an egg cell. The FDA has conducted many test like this and have concluded that milk and meat from cloned animals are as safe as these things from non-cloned animals.

2. Another Positive Effect of genetic modification is glow in the dark animals. An example of a positive effect of this would be glow in the dark cats. Cats injected with the glow-in-the-dark gene are more resistant to feline HIV, which affects 500 million cats around the world.

Negative Effects of Genetically Modified animals.

1. A negative effect of genetic modification is selective breeding, selective breeding is basically inbreeding and that can cause animals to be more unhealthy because the bad traits they do have become more strong in the next generation.

2. Another negative effect is that some featherless chickens are immune to the bird flu but since they have no feathers they can die of the cold and get severely sunburnt

Common Misconceptions

GMOs are too new for us to know if they are dangerous: False

The FDA as well as other health organizations have tested and proven that genetically modified foods and animals are in most cases safe, which proves that they can be tested to see if they are dangerous.

All research on GMOs has been funded by Big Ag: False

Over the past decade, hundreds of independent researchers have published peer-reviewed safety studies. At least a dozen medical and scientific groups worldwide, including the World Health Organization and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, have stated that the GMOs currently approved for market are safe.

When cloning an animal it becomes the exact same meaning same age, weight, and sex: False

The cloned animal is still born very small like a normal birth and grows up to be like the animal it was cloned like, but the height, weight, and sex may not be the same. Its kinda like asexual reproduction.

Are there any reports of abuse or cruelty related to genetically modified animals?

Of course many people are against GMO's whether animal or plant, but many of these claims have been disclaimed and any practices not approved or righty accused of these claims have been put to a close.

What may happen if practice was stopped?

Some of the genetic modifications that we actually need would disappear and we could see declines in our food quality and quantity.