Staff Weekly

August 20th


Happy Birthday to Peggy Hamm on Saturday the 19th!!

We missed these birthdays earlier in the month:
Kathy Molen, August 1
Cindy Nelson, August 5
Liz Kidwell,
August 9
Michele Stevens,
August 12
Pat Lucia, August 14

Happy Anniversary to nobody this week!

We missed these anniversaries earlier in the month:
Meredith Larison, August 1
Adrienne Jamison,
August 5
Susan Niemi,
August 7
Regina Melvin,
August 7
Peggy Hamm, August 16

Coming Up...

  • Smekens after school (Guided Reading)
  • ESS meeting at 4pm in Erika's office
  • Eclipse Day--we'll get this organized tomorrow morning once we know who's at school and what we're looking at. Too early to organize it now.
  • Office staff mtg at 9:15am
  • Admin mtg at 10am


  • BCEA meeting 5pm
  • Steph to Elementary GT meeting
  • Evals are going on my calendar today. Make sure you signed up.


  • 3rd grade sped/gen ed meeting on planning
  • Strings demo at 2:55 in the gym for grades 3, 4, 5. We'll dismiss from the gym. Bring backpacks.


  • Bus evacs
  • Coach planning meeting (Erika, Rachel, Linda Black)
  • Erika has a hair appt after school...if you need me on Thursday, better get to me quick after dismissal.


  • Rachel out at instructional coach PD day
  • Bus driver breakfast at 8:15am--will do in Wright's old room
  • Megadrill a little after 9am--this is private info for STAFF ONLY. Do not tell kids about drills.
  • At Ten Dance if our weekly attendance is 97% or higher
  • Happy Cart at 2pm. Autumn is the mom delivering happy cart this year.
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The Great Pumpkin Run--October 28th

We have a Longbranch Elementary team for The Great Pumpkin Run in Ohio this fall. Check out the race site here:
When you register, add our social team (Longbranch Elementary). We're in the 10am wave.

Sign Up for Your 17.18 Club

We're getting a jump start on clubs for 17.18 in hopes of having our first club day in September. Please sign up for the club you want to host next year. These are the clubs the kids requested.

PBLs for 17.18

Please add your planned PBLs to this list. You have "edit" rights to this spreadsheet. Please update it.

This info is also on the Lead Learners site on the front page.