North Fort Myers Practicum News

Northside Baptist 8250 Littleton Rd. N. Fort Myers FL 33903

FREE 3-day North Fort Myers Parent Practicum!

June 16th-18th North Fort Myers Practicum

"a pep rally, a Bible Study, and a college course all rolled into three days!"

Calling all parents and interested educators ... YOU are invited to our yearly 3-Day Parent Practicum which offers you:

  • encouragement
  • inspiration
  • equipping

Sign up on Click on "events" tab, select North Ft. Myers June 16th-18th. Register online Today. Northside Baptist Church 8250 Littleton Rd. N. Fort Myers FL 33903

Successful Practicum Tips

Parent Preparation

-Register ahead of time at .

To Register click on "event" tab & select June 16th-18th

-Print your registration confirmation email ahead of time and bring it with you to practicum

-Arrive early on the first day. Doors open at 8:30 am

-Bring a positive learning attitude

CAMP Preparation

- Print and fill out Release Waiver

- Print and fill out Photo Release Form

- Arrive early the first day of camp. Camps open at 8:40 a.m.

- Bring camp required supplies for your child in a labeled zip-log bag

- Children to wear close toed shoes

- Bring a labeled water bottle & snack

*CC Bookstore Representative will be present

Practicum Guest Speaker: Alex Paulec

Alex and Heidi Paulec have been homeschooling for years. They have three children: one in elementary, middle, and high school. They both enjoy having one child in each Classical Conversations program: Foundations/Essentials and Challenge. Alex, himself was homeschooled and will be directing Challenge I this fall.