Roman Gazette

By: Emma Pasierb

The Tiber River

Come to the Tiber River to enjoy a beautiful site. It is one of our amazing physical features out here in Rome. It is used for trading and some transportation. You can do many things out here like fishing or just enjoying the view. Come enjoy your day at the Tiber River!

My Plebeian Opinion

People of Rome, I am a Plebeian and I think we should be treated better. We are common people, but I think we could be treated better and be more helpful. The Patricians get to control the government and we don't even get a say in it. We do all the hard jobs like traders, craftsmen, farmers, and artisans and the Patricians do very little work. They are wealthy and get to own land and we do not. So fellow people, I hope you'll stand with me and fight for us to be treated equally.

Vote Augustus

My name is Augustus and I am running for Tribune. I think you should vote for me because I will only declare war when necessary and elect the right magistrates. I will make great laws and they will be fair. Make sure you vote for me!

Julius Caesar

July 12, 100 B C.E.- March 15, 44 B.C.E.

Julius Caesar was a Roman general and statesman. He was married to Calpurnia at the time of his death. His children were Augustus, Caesarion, and Julia Caesaris. Caesar turned the Roman Republic into the powerful Roman empire. He was very powerful and successful and helped the Roman Republic. One of his famous sayings- It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

interview with Emperor Hadrian

Me- How are you today?

Hardian- Just Fine

Me- Do you think Rome is successful under your ruling?

Hardian- Yes and It will be even better when my wall is up.

Me- How is the building of the wall progressing?

Hadrian- Great, it will probably be done real soon.

Me- How long will this wall be?

Hardian- It is 73 miles

Me- What do like about being emperor?

Hardian- I like getting to decide things and just being a leader.

Me- What next do you plan on doing?

Hadrian- I really have not thought about it very much, but I want to be successful.

Me- Thank you Hadrian for this interview.

Hadrian- Thank you for inviting me

Arches- New design for buildings

You have probably been wondering about the new arch that we put by the Christian Church. Well, we have just figured out how to use arches in buildings. They look great and are very easy to use. The trick is they are curved. When they are curved they allow structures to pass weight from above, then down to the ground. We will start using them in many of the new buildings and temples/churches. We hope you like them too!

Hagia Sophia- Holy Wisdom

The building process of the Hagia Sophia is going well. As you probably know it is going to be a Christian church. There are going to be beautiful mosaics all over the church.The building process is going smoothly and the outside structure is done. Next, they will start on the roof. The church will be done very soon; in the next year or so. We hope you will visit the church when it is completed!

A trip to EGYPT

Have you ever wanted to visit Egypt? Here is your chance! We will do many fun things and it only cost 34 talents. The trip is 7 days and 8 nights. We will ride on a bus and view all the great places in Egypt. You will get to see tons of pyramids and the 4,258 mile long Nile River. You will get to try some of their food like their delicious bread. So put it on your calendar and you will have the best time ever!!!!!

A Letter for Rights

Dear Editor,

I am a Christian and I feel non-christians are treating us unfairly. I don’t think you should make us eat things on certain days or come around asking us if we are Christian or not and then killing us if we are. I also don’t understand what threats we have given you. We are just trying to spread the word of God. I hope this letter will make a big difference on the world.



Huns Strike again

The Huns have attacked us again; luckily we weren't severely injured. Our strong army pushed them out onto the border. The army is going to be on alert for any other barbaric attacks in the future. If you want extra protection, you can pay 50 talents and army men will guard your home for two weeks. The money that we earn from that will go to our army for more weapons and material. We all want to protect our EMPIRE!!