Consumer Economy

By: Maddie Posekany

The Economy

Between 1920-1929, the nation's wealth more than doubled! America became "consumer society" and it changed the way of life. Many things we consumed started turning into things we didn't need. Many people used catalogs because it had everything you need in one book. Instead of today when you have to go out to different stores to get things. Also having the catalogs turned people to use credit card because it was easy to buy things you wanted when you didn't have the money to right then and there. We still use them today many people use them to buy expensive things like washer, dryer, etc.

A Positive Take

Even though this is a time people were spending way more money then they should be it also brought many jobs on which gave many people jobs to keep people on buying and kept the business going. Though if those people weren't spending all that money then these business and people wouldn't have jobs. Overall this was a good time period for people to buy want ever they wanted just use their credit card and keep buying.