Terrionna's Best Projects of 2015

Adv. Computers Applicatins

Picture Editing and Collages

With picture editing and collages, I had to transform my pictures and pictures of others to make it look better. How I did this was using different apps to either change the color of things, make it brighter, combine more than one picture and more. Apps that I used are Pic collage and Pic monkey. Although I tried different apps I like these two apps the best. I learned how to use the apps very well.

During the whole projects I learned that professional models are not what they really seem to look like in photos. Professional photographers modify the pictures to look better. Whether its sliming the body down or making it bigger and changing facial figures as well. Its putting in our minds that, bodies like that are perfect bodies (which it's not). So I learned how the photographers change the model's picture to make it look better.

This was a presentation that I created, using the same website that I'm using now but, for a different project. With this project I had to choose a person (I choose three) and talk about how they inspire you. I choose to do Maya Angelou, Wilma Rudloph and Arthur Ashe. Poerty, track and tennis were their profession. They inspired me because I'm great at writing poetry, putting my feeling into writing with a bunch of words. The track is great for me because, although I may not run, but I am really strong. Wilma encouraged me to never give up, no matter what anyone tells me. Her doctor told her that She may never walk again. But with all her practice and big support from her mother, she is the first African American woman to win three Olympic gold medals in the 1960s Rome Olympic. Arthur Ashe great tennis player he holds his records and still to this day his records have not been broken. All of them inspire me to do great at what I do, to continue and never give up no matter what anyone says.

What have I learned from this project?

When I began using smore I learned how to add titles, videos and more. It was hard at first to place the certain things that I wanted on smore, but then it had gotten easier. I used smore for Computer applications and for my iPad Tech class for a project there. I like the smore website to present my project and I feel that it is very organized too

Making my own book

With this assignment we had to create a children's book. This was a difficult project for me because I am not that good at creating a good book for a child. After we had made the book we had to record ourselves reading the book. That was difficult too,because it has to be really quiet to be able to record yourself reading the book. Story Bird was used to create my book and another app I used to make my fairy tale was ToonTastic. Both good apps to use to create book.

Haiku Deck

This and website/ app where you can take a picture and put quotes upon the picture.

i enjoyed this because, I was able to choose quotes that i liked with the pictures that matched. It was not that hard to use, but the hard part was to find a quote to match a picture. The assignment was to have ten of them total. I got all ten with quote that i thought matched the background pictures very well.


Thursday, Feb. 12th, 9pm

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With this project we created a quote on our own with a picture too also go with it. We created two of them. One has to be a picture of ourselves and the other could be anything that we choose. I choose for my second Babe Ruth famous baseball player and his quote, ¨Ḧeroes get remembered, but Legends never die.¨ That is my favorite quote and I told myself that I would live up to that quote. The website/app that we used is called Canava, It was really easy to use but it took forever to think of a quote that I could write of my own. I still learned how to use the app and i got a great grade on my project.