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Spring 2013: The Latest Buzz on the New National Standards

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Test-Preparation Sets Us Apart from the Crowd

Unlike other books, Show What You Know® on the Common Core is truly a test-preparation system, meaning it not only helps students prepare for the Common Core assessments, but it also helps them mentally and physically deal with test anxiety. With CCSS testing beginning in most states in 2014, now is the perfect time to get ready for these important exams!

The Common Core Student Workbooks teach students a variety of test-taking strategies:

1. How to be an active learner

2. How to read directions carefully

3. How to become familiar with the test format before the actual assessment

4. How to "power guess" when an answer is not obvious

5. How to conquer test anxiety

The books are available for grades 3-8, and each Student Workbook has applicable information for students at that grade level. Additionally, the Parent/Teacher Editions provide suggestions that enable parents and teachers to reach out to students who are feeling overwhelmed by exam-time stress.

Show What You Know ® on the Common Core allows students to build confidence before the CCSS assessments, ensuring their success on the exams!

Common Core Headlines

In the world of education, Common Core is now taking center stage. With some states already starting to implement the standards for certain grades, and most states ready to initiate Common Core for the 2013-2014 school year, the media is full of new buzz, both positive and negative.

For instance, South Carolina has become increasingly leery of the standards; state senators are considering stopping implementation, even though most of the teachers in the state believe the standards will benefit students. Indiana has officially put a halt on the standards. Indiana state politicians are concerned with the money being spent on Common Core, and they want to reassess the standards to make sure they’re appropriate for their students. Similarly, a bill has been introduced in Michigan that could allow schools to opt out of the Common Core.

Even though there has been some concern, 45 states have now adopted the Common Core Standards, along with four territories and the District of Columbia. So it is clear that Common Core is here to stay. The Department of Defense Education Activity has endorsed the standards, and GE just contributed 18 million dollars to the program, making it the largest corporate investment to CCSS to date. Ultimately, educators believe the Common Core will provide educational equality for all students, so eighth graders in Mississippi have the same opportunites as eighth graders in Massachusetts.

Some Highlights of State-by-State Events:

Ohio: Full Implementation in 2014-2015 school year. Certain schools are already teaching Common Core. Ohio will be testing CCSS via online assessments.

Colorado: Full Implementation in 2013-2014 school year. Teachers here are particularly worried about introducing more non-fiction in their classes. This article from the Denver Post cites their concerns.

Washington: Full Implementation in 2013-2014 school year. Some 6,000 schools in the state will take part in the pilot testing of the CCSS exams this year. This will help one of the creators of the test, The Smarter Balanced Test Consortium, analyze the efficiency of the exams.

Florida: Full Implementation in 2014-2015 school year. Listen to NPR where Pam Stewart, the Chancellor of Florida Public Schools, explains how Common Core challenges students to become active learners.

Testing Across the Nation

Click here and select your state to see when CCSS testing begins!

Next Generation Science Standards: Early Spring 2013

While the Common Core lays out Reading and Mathematics standards, work is still underway on new national science standards, called the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). These standards partner up with the Common Core, but they will retain their own unique name and identity. Due in part to the slow-moving economy and lagging education quality, the Science Standards are meant to give students a competitive edge in the global marketplace. The newest revision of the standards will be available in the early spring of 2013. Twenty-six states are leading the development of the standards, and they will help decide when the Next Generation Science Standards are ready for adoption.

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