Week 6, el 21 hasta el 25 de julio

La Comida

This week´s assignments - There are 4 Lecciones and a Proyect for U5 y 6, plus RLC 6 y 7!

So, here´s a suggested breakdown for working this week: Very important to learn to order and talk about comida!

Lunes - Lección 1
Martes - Lección 2
Miércoles - Lección 3
Jueves - Lección 4
Viernes - Proyecto Final U5 y 6

Also, get in an RLC and take advantage of Cutlure Cafe Extra Credit Martes a las ocho y media de la tarde!

¡Enhorabuena! Shout out to William for seeking practice activities on his own on the internet! Way to go! ¡Dos orejas para tí!

Lección - U6 L1 ¿Cuáles son tus comidas favoritas?

You will be learning more expressions with the verb Tener. In Spanish we have hunger and we have thirst as opposed to being them! Here are some other expressions using TENER that are different in Spanish than they are in English.
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