By Madison Powers

Basic Information

Element name: Tin

Symbol: Sn

Atomic number: 50

Atomic weight : 118.710

Group: 14

Period: 5

Color: silvery lustrous grey

Classification: metallic


  • Never found as the free element
  • Most important tin ore is cassiterite (tin oxide, SnO2)
  • Cornwall in England was famous for its tin mines


  • Organotin compounds are used as bactericides and fungicides in marine environments but cause environmental concern as they cause severe problems to local wildlife.
  • Tin is a might be a necessary element in very, very, small quantities in rats


silvery-white metal, is malleable, somewhat ductile, and has a highly crystalline structure.


  • Tin is a small Quantities in rats

  • tin cans


  • Physical properties
  • Heat properties

Interesting Facts

  • Ordinary tin is a silvery-white

  • On warming grey, or tin, with a cubic structure changes at 13